The only change that i think that AOE2 DE needs

Hello guys,

Im here to share my opinion about AOE2 DE…

TL;DR: IT IS ALMOST PERFECT…but not for new players :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the game is very good, only problem i got until now was getting DCed in the middle of multiple ranked matches.
But yep, i can handle with that :stuck_out_tongue: , but im hopping for you to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, the game is so perfect, it is the AOE2 that we all love, but… better…
but like old aoe2, the interface is not friendly at all…it doesnt make a new player say “WoW, sexy!”
It doesnt engage no one… and the interface, is the first thing that you see once you enter and explore the game…


So, my humble suggestion, is that the only thing that need to be upgraded… but a BIG upgrade…
is the user interface BEFORE the game…
Server selection, ranked queueing… Player profile…Game Setup…
Well, all of that is Ugly, like old AOE2… and if you want to engage new players… i think that’s a top priority upgrade.

PS: sorry for my bad english…but i hope for you to understand my point of view :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted an updated interface for the units. It’s really hard to know what bonuses the units have and how to counter a lot of the unique units.


I would like game to display in unit details section:

  1. Icon for unit attack bonuses against armor classes
  2. One icon for each armor class where unit is in. Would display unit armor against attacks against that class + units with attack bonus against that class

Icons would not take much space and display appropriate info for each icon in a tooltip which is displayed when mouse is hovered over that icon.
For example spearman would have 3 icons - its attack bonuses against classes, infantry class and spearman class.

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I agree that the user interface for multiplayer lobbies/matchmaking/etc. is very bad and should definitely be improved. I actually suspect that this is a prototype that was planned to be replaced with a more polished version before launch, but then they ran out of development time and the prototype became the final version.

Oi! Lembrando que se você não se sente muito à vontade em escrever em inglês esse fórum tem uma ferramenta que traduz texto automaticamente para inglês de forma bem decente.

Mas pelo o que parece design gráfico não é exatamente a paixão dos desenvolvedores desse jogo. Me surpreendeu o quão pouco foi implementado no sentido da interface de usuário pra essa nova versão, espero que pro futuro seja melhor trabalhado, até porque acho que não é possível mexer nesse quesito via mods…