The only two things i want is implemented on aoe3 DE

  1. cards info is numeric instead of “a part” etc.
    all cards that dont give numeric info, give the numeric info, i know that while playing we see that we get 6 influence per lifida and 4 per invasor, as shown on the image below

we get 66 influence if we send that card and i have created 11 lifidas, so 66/11= 6.

  1. time to and time left to create a unit, to develop a tech, to reach age

Thats all i always dreamed for age 3 since 2005. I hope devs implement this someday, and if you are agree with me, give a heart share it with your partners.

the reasons are:

  1. why i want this? because i dont want to test all cards and study each card in order to remember what it does or what amount it gives, i just want to read it on the card, i get 6 influence per lifida and 4 influence per invasor created until now, period
  2. we need to know how long a shipment last, did you know some shipments just take 5 secs to arrive, other 40 secs and other 60 secs?
    All technologies have a wide variety of time to be researched
    So is imposible to remember all that, making the game so complicated that some people wont want to play

but devs dont listen, they just dont care, at least number 1 suggestion is the most necessary, instead of saying “a part” say “10%”