The Ottoman Empire's all problems

When you examine the forum, you see a lot of topics related to the Ottoman Empire. I wonder why these people are opening these topics. Is there really a mistake, or are these people exaggerating?Lets find out!

-Their main role was to engage in battle as heavy armored cavalry. These cavalry units typically used armored clothing and armored horses. Their heavy armor was designed to provide protection against arrow and spear attacks.Developers did a very bad job and sipahi needs rework.

Infantry Battles:The Janissaries typically served as infantry units on the battlefield under the command of the Sultan. They used traditional infantry weapons and, over time, adopted firearms.
Artillery Duties:The Janissaries included artillery units, playing a significant role in forming the Ottoman army’s artillery power. They were involved in siege and defense operations using cannons.
Engineering: Janissaries specialized in engineering tasks, constructing defensive structures on the battlefield, and undertaking construction work in strategic locations.
Developers did a good job with janissaries.

The Mehter band served as a musical unit that played military marches to boost morale and for use in wars and victories.
Developers did a excellent job with mehter.

IV-Great Bombard
The Great Turkish Bombard,This bombard is cast in two pieces: barrel and powder chamber, which screw together.The barrel is 5.2m, 16.5 tons, and has a one mile range.These large cannons played a decisive role in the conquest of Istanbul, contributing significantly to the Ottoman Empire’s victory.Developers did a excellent job with great bombard.

V-Grand Galley
The ottoman navy designed to secure mediterranian sea.They used very large amount of galleys which is very effective inland seas.But they are very poor for oceans.

Developers did a excellent job with grand galley.

Ottomans didnt win the wars against European Crusaders as Jans were enginers or support unit. Jans fought against maa, they werent used against Cav units. Jans should be maa counter unit, not counter cav units. In the forum you can fin detailed information about jans. Devs are bad making Jans. Grand Galley arent strong as history shows, they are weak units. Devs are bad making grand galley. Current Sipahi design is Deli unit design, Sipahi is kapukulu sipahi which ise heavay cav unit. Ottomans are gunpowder civ at age of 2 and age of 3. Ottomans dont have unique gunpowder tecs. Having grand bombard doest show Ottomans gunpowder supremacy. Rus are shown as gunpowder than Ottomans that is ridilicous. Ottoman players too much depends on military schools that is lazy design. When you see Byzantines and Japans, you will see that they are fun to play but playing Ottomans is boring as ever. Devs have cared too much making Byzatines and Japans. They are too detailed and Byzantines have Grand Bombard unit. Vizier points arent too strong, some of them are really weak. Ottomans landmarks are the worst design in the game if you see and arent bias. Last thing is that if you look Ottomans wallpaper, this is too simple and bad, if you Byzantines wallaper, it shines too much. Overall devs are too bad at making Ottoman civ.

I only examined the units here.Jans actually used against everything.And their numbers not that much early periods of empire.They are elit guards of the sultan.And dont forget their enemys are elite cavalry most of the time.Like byzantine-cataphracts-Serbs-Albania-hungary-Timurids etc.But in gameplay i agree with you their play style boring.And kapıkulu sipahi also heavy cavalry only diffrence is they are elite guards of the sultan.The light melee cavalry of ottomans called akıncı(Akinci) Means Raider in turkish.As a unit perspective only problem is sipahi.

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Since October 28, 2021 (the day that Age of Age of Empires IV launched), fanatic Turkish players have been spamming/polluting these forums with insane demands. They have never been satisfied these two years, even in periods when the Ottomans had a tremendous win rate.

Almost every time i check the AoE 4 forums, there is a post complaining about how weak(!) the Ottomans are. It’s tiring and frankly disrespectful towards the rest of us.

I urge the mods to keep these forums clean, lock spammy posts and ban the people that create them (I know that they have banned quite a few people in the past and i am grateful for that).


Yes, I agree with you. There is a lot of focus on Ottoman topics here. My requests, as you can see, are not fantastical. You can think of it this way: Would you like to see the elite cavalry of France considered as light cavalry, or the English longbows having less range than regular archers? The issue with Sipahis is exactly this. They are heavy armored cavalry; definitely not light armored.Playing with real historical dynamics can be an example of this.


This is not about being fanatic, this is about reprensation of the civ. If you are bias, you cant say anything, you only say being fanatic. I criticize about ottoman civ design, I dont want Ottomans win rates are 100%. I dont have to think like you. Also if you arent bias, you can see that devs have given too much care Byzantines and Japans but dont give any care about Ottomans.

Actually unless sipahi and janissaries i think devs made a awesome job about special units.
But about landmarks i dont feel the same. In every game i feel like i dont have many possibilities.
Istanbul Imperial Palace is really useless. I think they can make a landmark that focusses janissaries instead of imperial palace and with the new landmark we can buy some upgrades to janissaries or sipahis.


I agree with you i play other civs also and i think some landmarks never used.The problem actually are pro players.They have tools and time to calculate and compare landmarks units etc.Then they make perfect build orders and army compositions.Maybe developers may talk to them about landmarks.They have extreme knowlodge of game.I said problem because when u use other things except pro players build orders.You have no chance.

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