The Ottomans should be improved

don’t you also think that the Ottomans should be improved? currently they are not a very different civilization, the only thing that differentiates them are the Vizier points the military schools and units, and the trade, a little better only from Vizier point and an imperial landmark, currently they have no special technologies, apart from the Great Bombard that can be placed in the towers and castles, I think that due to the relevance of the Ottoman Empire, there should be more details than they are, currently I think it’s the most banal civilization with the least differences in the game, I hope they will make them more complicated with something that makes them more special in the future.

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They are different enough. All other civs are on the same level. I would argue some have even lesser distinction.


which? no civilization has less things than the Ottomans have.

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English they have nothing except villager with bows.

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are you serious? The English are one of the most unique civilizations in the game, they have a lot of powerful technologies that no one else has, they have special units, with a lot of things that no other civilization can do.

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While they are very unique (in the way that every AOE4 civ is), there is a very strong argument that they are among the least unique (along with HRE/French/Abbasid)

I realise I am talking to a biased person here.

I have made many threads about Ottoman gameplay and civilisation building in general, and a non-biased person will see that Ottoman gameplay is generally very boring, very limited, depending only on military schools and useless vizier points. A player who plays Ottoman does nothing but multiply military units, but everyone should realise that more units in a game are useless if the opposing civs have very good economic buffs. If a person is not prejudiced, he should see how much attention is paid to Japanese and Byzantine civs and how many unique units they have as units. The Ottoman civ was built with a lazy mind structure. This laziness ranges from selecting Ottoman landmarks and transferring them to the game in a bad way compared to the originals, to not giving any original technology. The mentality that thought of everything while making Byzantine and Japanese civs only thought of military schools in the Ottoman Empire. If they researched, they could definitely find Ottoman-specific technologies, but as I said, this is the only way it can be done with a lazy mindset. After all, the developers released the Byzantine and Japanese as paid dlc, and the Ottoman was free.

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The Ottomans looked different enough in the beginning, now they don’t, not as much, but I think the issue is they look too similar… to themselves. It’s like the the HRE and France, they have just a few strong traits that make all their identity.

Everything revolves around the Military Schools, if you don’t make them your crippling yourself, there’s not another option. The Vizier Points don’t do much either in that sense, 3 out of 9 are Military School related, and the others don’t change the game even though they’re useful. A honourable mention can be done for Siege Crews that is probably the most impactful.

So every game you spam Military Schools, go MIA and then Astronomical Clocktower. Get your crewed Great Bombards and then you have your usual Ottoman game.

Yeah so other than Military Schools… the units. First is the Great Bombard, difficult to balance but now is in the best spot than ever, quite mandatory but satisfying. The Janissary is too inspired by AoE2 but it has a unique role. The Sipahi is good but it’s not that special, it’s a Horsemen with an active ability, which is fine. The Mehter clearly defines a lot of the Ottomans strength, it’s as mandatory as the Military Schools.

In the end Ottoman games tend to look always the same, I think that’s the main issue. I expect all Civs to get better in time and the Ottoman are no exception, they need it as much as the HRE, although a year younger.


Hello, I hope you are very well :smile: I also think that the Ottomans need more unique units. Some examples could be these:

Turkoman Cavalry


Ottoman Palace Guards




The Qapukulu could have a unique technology that changes their swords for steel mace, increasing their damage to heavy armor.



1-Sipahi must be Kapıkulu Sipahi Heavy cav using mace not lance
2-Current sipahi must be Deli using swords
3-Turkish Horse archers should be added
4-Jans must use swords and bows and age 4 they will be also handgunners
5-Azaps, abus gunners from age of 3 Should be added
6-Ottomans economic landmarks should be remade as original ones and their buffs should be reworked. Some unique techs Should be added to boost Ottomans eco and military

Then Ottomans Rule them all.:+1::+1::+1:


Ottoman Istanbul Observatory needs a nerf its so annoying armies are pouring none stop also lots of great bombards created.


They simply must create the Ottoman variant after the conquest of Constantinople in the great era of Suleiman the Magnificent

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No man no no more variants as person,seljuk or karaman beyliği maybe.

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Ascends of Sultans dlc Tuğtekin I see that Selcuk flag in the UI. I think Seljuks will be in the next variants civs. We will see that next year but Ottamans urgently needs rework.

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One idea I have for balance, of all civs, including Ottomans, is Mercenaries for all civs. Official building a mercenary shop, 1 new per age up to 3, they cost a lot of gold and would be produced in groups. Only historical mercenaries from CIV allies, or irregular units. In the case of the Ottomans it would be:

Ottoman Mercenaries:

  • Azap (II).- Irregular archer. He has greater attack and range than the base archer, but less HP. Bonus damage against ranged units, so they are anti-archers, to defend janissaries.
    HP: 60/70/85 Atk:6/8/9 Range:5.5 aTkSpd: 1.625, Spd:1.25, Bonus: vs LigMelee +5/+7/+8, vs Range:+3/+4/+5

  • Akinci (III).- Archer on an irregular horse. He owns a bond against economic units. He generates gold by killing villagers. He can attack on the move. High speed that overcomes heavy duty, low hp.
    HP: 75/90 Atk:12/14 Range:3.5, aTkSpd: 2,125, Spd:1,645, Bonus: vs Workers: +3/+4

  • Deli (IV).- Irregular light cavalry. He has the fear charge ability, his first charge attack reduces the attack of nearby enemy units by 20% x10 sec. High attack speed. Little resistance.
    HP: 190, Atk:19, aTkSpd: 1,375, Spd:1,875, Armor: 0/4, Bonus: vs Siege +10

Characteristics: They cannot be generated in the Military School (that is why they are irregular). Unique to Ottomans, not shared with other civs.


But these units werent mercenaries. They were main part Of Ottoman army.

Yes, the English are a very normal and traditional civ for what AoE 4 is…they feel like the Britons from AoE 2…luckily in successive seasons they improved them…currently the best civ in the game are the Japanese with so much quantity and variety of unique units or but also the Byzantines with their unique resource and the mercenaries…

The issue is that the ottomans from AoE 3 collide there…

The Seljuk Empire is a civilization exclusive to the Invasion scenario The Defence of Tyre and the Saladin scenario Into Egypt of the The Sultans Ascend campaign. Seljuk Empire is identical to the Ayyubids.

Yes, and they are already in AoE 3, there is no need to necessarily put them in AoE 4 in the short term…

Seljuks arent identical to Ayyubids. Seljuks are Turks. Ayyubids are Arabs. You can think Azaps, abus gunners,Deli shouldnt be in the game but this is your opinion. My opinion is your opposite.

But it’s because of the campaign…the Ottomans don’t fit in well like the Seljuks, mainly because the Ottomans don’t have horse archers… The Ottomans and Seljuks while ethnically same (Turks) play out very differently - the Seljuks are very close to the Mongol playstyle with the added advantage of camels, so the current design suits them.

I said not in the short term, but maybe later or in future seasons…

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