The OUTBACK OCTAGON - FFA Nomad Tournament

Since I haven’t seen a post here about this yet, I thought it would be good to introduce THE OUTBACK OCTAGON, the first ever AOE4 FFA Nomad Tournament, hosted by the great Aussie_Drongo.

Drongo has an annoucement video here: Introducing: The Outback Octagon - YouTube

Games are held every Wednesday and Thursday, and the first four games were this week. 32 of the top AOE4 pros are participating, with each game consisting of an 8-player FFA Nomad setup. All the games are being broadcast at Drongo’s Twitch Channel: Twitch.

He is also uploading all of the games to his Youtube Channel. The first two have been uploaded already, and you can find them here:

Shoutout to Drongo, ofc, for organizing this. I highly recommend that everyone check out the Youtube and twitch stream