The Patch Game: choose 3 Missing Changes

Hi! So the Patch is cool and all, but i’m curious to know if someone expected some other things to be done in the update.

With this game, you can choose up to 3 changes you would have wanted to see in the patch notes, but trying to be as specific as possible (for example, saying “buff civ X” does not count cause it’s too vague)

You obviously can also comment on other users choices if you like

I’ll start: i want to focus on the italian peninsula so my choices would be:

  • Cheaper Serjeants elite upgrade from 1900 res to 1650 at most

  • Better Elite Genoese Upgrad to make it unique and worth the cost, or just cheaper

  • An italian feudal buff for archer, like +1/1 armor or something similar

Your turn!

1 - Whatever nerf to Mayans and Franks
2 - Battle Elephants and Elite Battle Elephants +5 / + 10 Cavalry armor bonus
3 - Whatever buff to Burmese

1- Find a solution to smurfing.

2- fix TG ladder, it’s a mess!

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  1. Buff Steppe Lancers and increase distribution
  2. Nerf Franks & Mayans
  3. Drop Arbalester from Dravidians’ tech tree
  4. Because why not let’s have a fourth drop the Stable armour bonus from the Teutons

This was specifically the last buff they added :thinking: with the DLC buffing teutons counter civs, as well as camels in general, it’s an interesting time to ask for a teutons nerf

Maybe drop it to a flat 1 at most, after all they do still have terrible ultra terrible raiding from scout line, and their knights being slower means camels can far more likely chase them down, and halbs are more likely to intercept them

Tell us you want a 1 dimensional civ to be even more pigeonholed, without actually saying it :grin:

1- Remove franks berries bonus and give it to other civ (maybe Spanish)
2- Nerf mayans anyhow (too easy to boom behind walls and xbow).
3- Give some bonus to steppe lancer (maybe vs villagers or siege)



And reduce the cost of the elite tech already. It’s based on the old SL stats and doesn’t compare at all to the current version

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I don’t like the armour bonus because it turned a civilization into yet another boring Knight civ. I’ll admit my bias against the Franks has influenced this, but it just makes their other armour bonus for infantry seem so redundant, not to mention it almost turns their Paladins into mounted Teutonic Knights. I don’t often see the point in training them when I can just make these beasts instead.

As for the Dravidians, I just want Champions to see use over Arbalesters 11

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  1. Replace Carracks UT with +1 attack +1/+1 armor to militia line (carrack Black sword)
    (late game water nerf, land game buff)
  2. Move hindustan is +1/+1 gunpowder armor bonus to another civ without good combat bonuses (protigiese/Italians)
    (hindustanis are an S tier civ, with too many strong bonuses)
  3. Change teutons armor bonuses to the castle age UT gives +1 meele armor to cav and infstry
    Change the civ bonus instead to +2/+4 meele armor to siege in Castle/imperial age.
    (teutons need a nerf)
  4. Changes folwakrs, less instant food but grant garrison space instead.
    (Arena nerf, Arabia buff)
  5. Add matchlock tech that works lsimilosr ike thumb ring for gunpowder units
  6. Regional monk skins
    ( like trade carts or aztec, ikan and monk units already exist)
  7. Bohemians Western Europe building set
    (historical accuracy)
  8. New berbersc team bonus, genitoirs become iberian regional unit
    (Spanish and Portuguese buff + historical accuracy)

why are people hating this hard on Franks and Mayans? Mayans I can get behind tbh, Crossbows are the strongest unit in the game and Mayans get a bonus for that. Franks though are overrated af, after ~min 25 in any 1v1 game they fall super hard and their late game is 1 of the worst in the game, assuming I get through Castle age intact, I would rather be something like Ethiopians than Franks in late Castle age/early Imp.

not needed

not needed

are Dravidians allowed to make military at all? No Knight-line, a Battle Elephant without Bloodlines AND Husbandry, no Hussar upgrade, no Bombard Cannon, no Siege Engineers, an average Elephant Archer, are Dravidians just supposed to play full Longswords in Castle age? CuZ ThEy ArE An InFanTrY Civ WhY thEy HaVe ArBaLeSt.

Even their eco bonus is… not great, 200w is nice and all but overall I would rather have something like 2 extra vills per age or the cheaper Burgundians techs.

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