The Peruvian hairless dog uses Fluffy cheat dog model

It is intended? They have one red eye and that. I know that is a unit barely used, but I just wanted to point it.

Yep, it’s the same as fluffy. Just a clever way to recycle an existing model for additional content.

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They really need to buff the peruvian dogs, I’ve tried the card out a few times and they’re just useless.

Maybe giving them Native tag?? This way they will get bonus from WC and HC cards

Yh could work, I think they need an overall buff though because you have to send a card to be able to train them then pay for the unit and they’re just so weak. You can only build 7 too, if you could get 30 then I’d understand them being weak.

I don’t think they were ever used as attack dogs historically. It’s like letting Aztecs ship Chihuahuas as combat units.
They should give them some other utility to give them a reason to exist as a shipment.

Not much else they can do though, in their current state they suck at even killing treasure guardians, it’s not worth training them at all.

Yes, my whole point was to point some respect for that dogs: there’s a ton of cards that aren’t useful, and wasn’t my intention to try to make them viable: usually most of the explorer/pets cards aren’t used at all.