The petard and the flaming camel

No he didn’t mean anything bad, he is good member here, he was right because i wrote the same topic many times (duplicating) and this is why they banned me.

so you’re actually parthnan but on an other account ?

Who is pathnan? No i am not pathan they just banned me for 1 day because the “Cavalry archer” topics (duplicating)

People use flaming camel for fun instead of for strategy to win.

Make it can be directly trainable at the castle in the Imperial age without the UT.

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I think they should make it available in the castle age like the normal petard

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@FurtherLime7936 and @Geojak92 were talking about you and another poster who’s name is Parthnan.

Those quotes are all in reference to Parthnan, not you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the calrification :grinning:

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It was a ban. But not perma-ban

Not a fan of that, but he did that to himself. He started trolling the entire community to the point they started to hate him.

Not a fan of it, but then again, his own action cause it


They must make this happen for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get why some people love to necro their threads, especially the most pointless one


A remimder of course

I think the post above you is a good example

I don’t disagree with this idea
At least you are trying to play with the concept and spice things up
On the other hand, trash petard never works

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its a hard thing to balance. if they were to increase petard speed, ram would been seen less and less. maybe they could introduce some sort of tech to increase ram speed in general by a tiny bit and nerf drill to 40%, and then a tech to buff petards (including flaming camel) speed/damage by a bit.

why not just a tech for this, and no change to ram, as they will still be arrow magnets(besides all the other utility), and much more cost effective, besides not needing a castle.

buffing ram speed might lead to imba in other areas, whereas a tech to only buff petards and flame camels could also be used to buff / nerf civs in a very minor way (by not having access to it) even just a 10% speed buff

but i still say any gunpowder bonus should apply to petards, it only buffs weak civs. there isnt a single s-tier civ that has a gunpowder civ bonus so it cant break the balance…

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Simple. ALL infantry upgrades should affect Petards except Forging line.

Simple, efficient, and makes sense, as they are infantry IRL.

Ofcourse I am. Be prepared!
This time, with logical arguments


Why this sounds more like sarcasm 11
But well if you changed then welcome again.


some people wanted to silence the truth. cant let them do this. not agreeing with idea/changes does not mean witch hunt, nor does it warrant a flag on post :slight_smile:

buff the petard speed and watch it destroy mass army of infantry/siege.

Those certain people can’t change or hide the truth tho

Really debatable, the speed can either make it OP or UP

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Closing this topic since it has devolved into a discussion on other forum members which is against the forum code of conduct.