The petard and the flaming camel

The petard and the flaming camel, are self-destructs units,the petard(cost: 65 food, 20 gold), the flaming camel (cost: 75 food, 30 gold). My discussion here is about reducing the food cost and maybe the gold too-if it possible. Maybe some of you will said “Well ok, no one use them anyway that much!!!”. Well for me they can be very useful if you know how to use them!!! But the cost 65 or 75 food for a self-destructs unit is really not cheap because of course you will prefer put this food on light cavs or other trash units rather than this!!! So my suggistion for this is:

-reducing the food cost by (-20), so the petard become 35 food and the flaming camel become 55 food.
-reducing the gold by (-10) so the petard become 10 gold and the camel 20 gold.

-make the flaming camel available in the castle age without a unique tech

With this cheap cost, i think it will be more useful to use and motivates the players to use them more in the battles.

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Interesting idea - but I would not like to see petard / flaming camel spamming as part of the game. They are useful in specific instances, and certainly in scenarios, but do I want to see them more often in game play? My choice would be “no thank you” but that’s just my opinion.


Of course you will not see them that much even with this buff!!! As you said just for specific instances. Did you think that you will see an army of petards or flamig camel?!!! Huh.

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I assumed that suggesting to lower the costs of petards and flaming camels would mean you’d see a lot more of those units during game play. Turning them into a trash unit with a small cost could result in spamming. Not something I want to see, but I’m just one player - if the majority of players demand something like this, then you might see it in a patch someday.

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Trash petards?
That’s your suggestion?
Sorry man, but this is nonsense


flaming camels are already cost effective as is. They dont need to be even more cost effective

While I do agree that Petards could need some love, your suggestion is a bit too unbalanced. Rams or Siege in general would lose popularity REALLY fast if such a strong anti building unit was that cheap.
(for the record Petards have +900 atk vs walls, +500 atk vs standard buildings, +100 atk vs castles).
Even Siege Rams which are only available in Imperial Age only have +200 vs buildings. If you mass more than 20 Petards you delete your enemy super fast. In my opinion this should have a high risk and cost.

Well from what i see in the comments, its look like everyone is just afraid from the change, i wonder why are you so scare since you too can use it in the other hand!!! And using the petards and flaming camels needs a castle of course so will not see them in that early of the game or in that amount, do you just scare that you can’t stop them?! And i repeat even with this buff you will not see an army of self-destruct units especially they don’t work in the battle they are just for buildings, and the flaming camel it is so weak to buildings it is only good for mounted units. Stopping a self-destruct unit is too easy, with few archers shoting them from good distance it is done for them it is not that big case!!!


This just proves you just post change suggestions for the sake of fun and not any real logic

No, my point was real to make them easy to use than their current state, i will ask you how many games do you see the Petards or the flaming camel in use?! 1 out of 10 ?! Or maybe you didn’t. Ofcourse with their current price everyone prefer other units above them, my suggestion was to make them really in use by reducing the cost so the players can use them more effecttively, and don’t forget that they need castles to produce them so it will not be easy as you think and also you can defend against them too easy, so it will depend on the player how can he use them very well.

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i bought AoE2 DE because it promised to be AoE2. not some completely different game. if i wanted some other game i would have bought another game, but the fact is that i like AoE2, and reinventing the wheel has not worked well for the RTS Genre at all.

no, it doesn’t scare me, but why do they need to be buffed? both are extremely cost effective.

Flaming Camels already traded cost effectively before the buff, and after the buff it’s even more lopsided how well they perform.

only if you’re playing a civ with good archers, or which fields archers regularly.

reducing their cost doesn’t make them easier to use.

does it matter? they have their place and time. not every unit has to be used in every game.

flaming camels are already very cost effective, and reducing their cost doesn’t make them easier to actually use.

what about civs that don’t get good archers or use them all that much? unlike your opinion they won’t have a good answer to them.

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Even the worst archers civ can stop the perards and flaming camel, or even without useing archers, you can just send few infantry to them then it is done since the petards and the flaming camels are not for infantry

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Bro, this idea is petarted!

Ok I’ll see myself out.


No just silenced until yesterday…he will be back :fearful:

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Many people on the forum constantly talk bad about him and to me it feels already like cyber bullying. That’s what I meant with witch hunt.

I don’t know why he was banned or anything about it. I wasn’t talking about that.


Because he many times started absurd posts like “making UUs or Longswords viable” with overreacting responses and parroting The Viper and Nili about the Elephant Archer when he never tried them, to just name a few, a lot of people answered him peacefully but still ranted a lot.

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It is ok my friend, i think they were right, i wrote many topics about the samething “the cavalry archers” :rofl::rofl::rofl:, and i was banned by the system just because splitting topics and spammimg not because i am bad or rude or something

What elephant archers?! I never wrote something about elephant archers, or did you mean camel archers?! It was just a misunderstanding

Just an example…

They banned me for duplicating topics