The Pirates DLC

I wanted to play as a pirates a long time ago in 2007. Let this be the only post for discussion of pirates civ.
Quoted a good idea by NoviceCord


A pirate DLC would be sweet! I like the idea of mixing in pirate leaders in a similar way to how the federal states or African age ups work.

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I’d rather just have Maori.

I think it might work for a spin-off game but I have absolutely no interest in adding pirates to 3DE. There are a number of civs from each continent that deserve to be in the game and quite frankly I’d be pretty miffed if they took a spot over them. This isn’t AoE2, we’re not getting 40+ civs.


I think this thread mentions an interesting alternative, which is adding those pirate corps as map settlements to ally with. I actually like that idea.

There’s also another possibility to consider, which is adding these pirate “proto-states” as revolutions, like the Barbary states rev did.


There was no such thing a pirate corps. Captains formed a Company and that company contained officers and Crewmen (which could number 100s) who had signed the ‘articles’ (pirate code of conduct and effectively a contract).

Also thematically it would fit better to have native Buccaneer Strongholds instead of ‘Pirate Corps’ as Buccaneers(or Flibustiers) did go pirating (against the Spanish) though they would rather do it on a commission from a Euro governor - they were essentially pirates and private Merc armies (literally - they assaulted Spanish forts with thousands of men), which certainly fits well in Native Minor Civ context.

For reference:

Pirate - True piracy. All-out criminals operating in Companies. Did not ally with anyone aside from other Companies, unless accepting a Royal Pardon and turning to privateering/pirate hunting

Buccaneer - Piracy mainly aimed at the big players at the time, the Spanish. Euro powers turned a blind eye to these activities and often hired them for land and sea campaigns especially when Dutch, English and French lacked Caribbean presence early on. These guys were known for their musket skills as were ex military and hunters.

Privateer - Pirates to the enemy and self-funded adventurers to the governor/country that hired them. Would still plunder and raid like the others, just squarely to a specific enemy.

Of course my knowledge mainly covers the Americas and the Round routes (African coast and Indian Ocean) - not too sure on China Seas.


Ok. To be honest, I’ve never been that fascinated by
Caribbean pirates as most people, so since I haven’t really read that much about it, I won’t comment on whether this ideas are about pirate settlement are good or not. I’ll take your word.
What I do think is that there are dozens of civilizations I would include before any kind pirate civ like Nassau.
I’d rather have a regular civ that also happened to conduct piracy, like Berbers or Malays.
Just my opinion


Absolutely understandable. I’m all for proper civs first and foremost too (Persia, Siam, Korea, Shona States, etc!), though at some point I will point my ‘Plunderers DLC wishlist thread’ for a bit of fun, which would include proper unit/mechanics laid out.


The game is already overloaded with content and when it comes to minor ‘civs’ (Natives, Royal Houses, revolutions etc.) it’s arguably bloated.
Nothing wrong with more options when it comes to expanding the main civ roster, but there are some serious issues with core systems that beg for attention.

On this forum barely anyone cares about the broader picture, well-being, and cohesion of the game as a whole and the vast majority of suggestions orbit around the same thing.


acho que essa dlc não seria tão legal, seria focado navios e em mapas com oceano e a grande maioria dos jogadores não gosta de jogar com navios e ter uma DLC focada em piratas não seria legal

The problem with a pirate civilization is that it would by its nature have to be a maritime civ, whereas most maps are land maps. It would be bad design to make a civilization that is designed primarily around water.


This is the crux of it.

The civ design would need to be solid enough and historic enough to justify it. This current suggestion is very Hollywood with the legend aspect not to mention very broad and no detail to offer a fair argument. There is potential for specifically a Buccaneer/Flibustier civ as they did in fact field their own armies, had flagbearers, musicians and fought on land more so than the ocean, but without details they are just lumped in with fantastical pirates.

It wouldn’t hurt to have some more coastal/island style maps to coincide with such themed civs IF the ai and pathfinding had some serious attention spent on it.

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You don’t have to be so limited. Maltese are is small island, like Pirates also lived on small islands, example a other strategy games about pirates.

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And that is partly what makes Maltese a strange and awkward civilization. It actually makes little sense to me to play them on an inland map.


Malta makes perfect sense and I’m glad it’s in the game.


I disagree. South America and Asia are underrepresented in both playable civs and minor ones. Same for Africa.


Disagree with what, game being overloaded with content? There is a very large number of available minor factions from civs to revolution states, if you don’t care personally about them doesn’t nullify their existence.
Do you know how many unique units are here compared to any other AoE game?

Complete version of 3DE features a staggering number of distinct units.

The goal is to make an approachable and appealing offer for players, not check boxes under the ‘representation’ table. This is a video game first and foremost.
Every continent should have a proportional % of civilizations, or what is your suggestion?

Civs should be varied, well designed and interesting. Not created to fill imaginary gaps.

The game is in dire need of new campaigns, better scenario creation tool, improved AI, not another package of civs. At least not in the first place. We already had few of them and they didn’t change the situation of 3DE a lot.

Maori and Hawaiians would be a great DLC. The Maori could be based on the musket wars era, and operate more like a native american civ, maybe even be the first civ that has gunpowder but no cavalry. While Hawaiians could be based on the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi era, and be a bit more like a european civ.


Why are you always so upset when people merely ask or even talk about something that you think as not urgent?
You fear the devs would listen and immediately prioritize them? Well that would at least be better than this complete radio silence right now

The devs will weigh over suggestions and ideas and community interests, and their own pacing of the essentials. They know their jobs and their manager’s expectations better than anyone including you (who is speculating as everyone else). Nobody from the community needs to consider some grand whole picture (did anyone pay us to do this management job?) when talking about their interests.

Most people are not here for some product management masterclass.

Disclaimer: I’d also prefer they focus on SP contents and AI for now.


Totally agreed. An Oceania DLC would add a ton of new units, mechanics, native sites, and maps. It would really enrich the game. There are plenty of people on these forums that are far more creative than I so I’ll leave the details to them. Maori and Hawaiians would make for an excellent duo and fit nicely into the game.

A helluva lot more interesting than generic pirates that’s for sure.


How exactly am I upset?