The possibility of Variant civilization name using the other names in its history

Holy Roman Empire —— Teutons
Abbasid Dynasty —— Saracens
Chinese —— Cathay

These three seem to represent the Western, the Middle East and the Eastern in Stereotype

I think keeping the name is the best to Jeanne d’Arc,Because this civilization is too special, Civ is surrounded by her, Lack of a suitable name to name this civilization

Other some ideas
Chinese —— Cathay
Delhi Sultanate —— Hindustanis
Abbasid Dynasty —— Saracens
Mongols —— Tatars
Holy Roman Empire —— Teutons
Ottomans —— Turks
Japanese —— Yamato
Byzantines —— Eastern Roman Empire
R us —— S lavs

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Begone with your AoE2 names!

I’m not sure I understand, you suggest changing the names on the left with those on the right?


I see your point, but consider that many players are already happy with the new historical names (Abbasid Caliphate, Delhi Sultanate, HRE) given to AoE4 civilizations, only to revert to some incorrect or very ambiguous or ethnic names from Aoe2 (Tatars, Arabs, Dravidians), and less as an excuse for new civ variants.

  • ERE.- I think the Byzantines are represented well enough with what they showed in the teaser to need another variant of them.

  • The Chinese, on the other hand, had so many unique units and extra potential, as well as historical landmarks to represent them, so their Civ variant (“Zhu Xi Legacy”) does well in allowing us to see more of the Chinese architecture and new unique units.

  • Teutons.- The Teutons deserve their own civ (Based of the State of the Teutonic Order), with their own landmarks and unique units, not necessarily a variation of the HRE. They would speak Estonian language in Imperial.

  • Turks.- Turks is a very generic denomination for all the peoples who lived between Hungary and China and are not from India. At most, and empire of turk people could be the Seljuk Empire.

  • Yamato.- Yeah, Yamato is an alternative name to call Japan based on representing the Imperial Family. However, these dinasty lacked any real power throughout the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Age in Japon, so I don’t think it’s such a good idea for a Japanese variant civ. Depending on how the Japanese come out, if they don’t already cover the Sengoku period, they could make a civ of States from the Sengoku Era, with clans and clan units.

  • Slavs.- is also an ethnic name, not an empire, there was no Slavic empire, and many Slavic people are from so many countries (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine) that it is not a fixed name that fits with the aesthetics.

  • Hindustanis.- well, the thing is that before thinking about variants for the Delhi ########## #hey might be interested in making more Indian Civs, like the Chola, the Rajputs, Odessa, Vijayanagara. The only variation of Delhi that I see would be the Bengal Sultanate, or the sultanates of Northern India.

  • Saracens.-, there will not be any civ with this name with the same logic with which there will be no civs “The Franks”, those are names to designate “Islamic” and Christian respectively, not empires.

  • Tatars.- Well, the problem is that if we take the general definition, we would have civ like the one I made a “Serious” concept, hehe ( for-aoeiv-by-goldenarmorx/227863) . And it is better to create one of the Timurids as a Mongol and Persian variant, which were an empire independent of the Mongol, but heirs of it, although they would have Persian architecture and shared Mongol units. How I wish they would add the Persians.


According to the units, the Japanese would be based from the Gempei Wars until the end of the Sengoku period (1180-1615)…

Aside of new weird Variant civilisations, the AoE4 civ names are superior to AoE2

I do not see any real resons to rename Holy Roman Empire to “Teutons”, or Abbasid Dynasty to “Saracens”

To have the Teutonic Order as HRE Variant civ is great idea, but that is something different

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