The pre order bonus suck

the pre order bonus is a pure joke and its meant only for aoe2de players so what the other people get as a bonus for pre ordering ? those other people that dont play aoe2de ? yes u guessed it right NOTHING.

I agree and besides that I think that the deluxe edition is also not so interesting. Could have been much better content for both things in my opinion.

I’ve AoE2DE but I’m buying AoE4 to play that game and not AoE2DE even if it’s a solid game.

This game is AoE2-2.
They know who their target audience is, the AoE2 playerbase overwhelmingly dwarves all the playerbase for all other Age games, put together.

Why do you think they went back to the Middle Ages?
It was also AoE2 that singlehandedly ressurrected this franchise, when it launched HD and The Forgotten expansion.

If this DLC costs 10US$, it’ll be something like a 15% pre-order discount, right?
“But I don’t have AOE 2 DE”
Now you have an extra appeal to buy AOE 2 DE also, because you have a “free” DLC added to your account. Regardless of agreeing with this strategy or not, I see this as marketing.
Would be nice to be able choose this pre-order bonus between something else, discount, AOE 2 DLC or next AOE 3’s though

now i dont have an extrea appeal to buy aoe 2 because i dont like the game ?

I know that this extra appeal will not be appealing to everyone, as you can see above.