The problem with AOE

You literally have to play daily to keep your elo up, and remember everything. I don’t have the time to play daily!

ELO drops after 2 weeks in aoe4

I’m talking about winning, not absence.

You didn’t specify that lol
Anyway, it really depends on which game
In aoe3s you don’t need to play every day, to remember every movement.

Then dont worry about some silly numbers. ELO is there to get you fair matches, not to show off…

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It’s not about showing off, it’s about the achievement.

What achievement? You yourself said you dont have time to run for that “achievement”. What do you want? That everyone get a life as busy as yours?

No. The point is how am I supposed to remember EVERYTHING to prevent certain situations from happening again? Hoang was away from the game for a while and somehow maintained his rank.

Have you ever thought that you are NOT supposed to remember everything? That even pros dont remember everything?
The point of the game is to have fun. If you want an “achievement”, you want to feel special or to show that off. BUT, you dont have the time to develope those skills. So why dont you low down your achivement first?
Anyways, thats your problem only, not AOE problem.

It’s a personal achievement, not to show off. Plus it’ll get people to stop acting superior just because of their rank. Also, some pros haven’t even playing the game that long, so how did they get so good so quickly?

I try to have fun, but then there’s always someone fussing about ranks, so its kind of difficult to not get stressed about it.

Skills from other games, time to practice, people to teach etc.

Do you realize that those who play ranked are better than the vast majority of AOE players? I mean, even mid-low ELO is better than most players.

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I just remember one of the pros is only 17. I just don’t understand HOW SOMEONE COULD GET SO GOOD AT THE GAME IN SUCH LITTLE TIME?! I’m currently 16, and 10 years ago, when I played AOM, I literally had no clue what I was doing half the time. I was playing it more like an rpg than an rts. It took me 6 whole years to finally learn how to play correctly.