The problem with spaces

Build: 46777
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10

Good afternoon, dear developers! I express my gratitude for the update 46777) but I am concerned about the problem with spaces in AoE 1. It is expressed in the fact that when showing the cost of a unit/building/upgrade, as many spaces are made as in the word “cost” + a colon. In the English word “cost”, 5 spaces will be made, and everything will be fine. However, in the Russian word “стоимость”, 10 spaces will be made, and the cost will not be fully visible/not visible at all, since it gets out of the frame. Please kindly correct this error!


I think you’ve already talked about this in another thread. Hope you can enjoy the game either way. Maybe fixing the script yourself and sharing the file so devs maybe replace the original with the modified one (yours)?

Yes, about a year ago I created this theme, but the developers did not react to it in any way. This software flaw, changing the script here will not help

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