The ranked TG is really unfair and they are now going to fix this

  1. Duo team always picks up the favor map, for those specific map, the specific stragegy is really having advantage for them, and it always turn out they got what map they want to play.
    You can always see them playing Arena, Black forest, Yucatan

  2. Duo team has more ban options? Please explain, they already getting advantage as a team together with discord. If you are talking about 4 players having 4 banning options, this is absolutely ■■■■■■■■. 1 party ban 1 map, this is simple.

  3. Duo team can have a smurf account to lower their opponent’s elo.

Well, again, I dont think the admin will fix this unfair situation. If lobby has enough opened game, I wouldnt even consider playing this TG ■■■■.


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