The rating system is 110% broken

I lost a 3v3 game with two friends against these people

Wisepii (elo 1v1: 1971 elo TG: like 3300 aprox)
BOLUDO CARREGADO (elo 1v1: 1856 elo TG: like 2800 aprox)
itu (elo 1v1: 1758 elo TG: like 2600 aprox)

Me and my teammates are all 1400 me and 1000 them.

Obviously we lost and they deducted 15 ELO points from us. The problem is that, after winning or losing against people of my same level, THEY GIVE ME OR TAKE AWAY THE SAME, WTF?

How can they take the same from me for losing against the 2nd best player from Chile than against a player with 900 elo? it’s absolutely ridiculous

Wait until the Chinese guys show up with 2 players at 1500 TG rating with 50 wins 1 loss and 2 players at 3500 TG rate.

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How long were you in queue for?

The TG matchmaking is a pile of bum though. Use the lobby instead and use or nexus or something to make sure you get balanced teams

4min aprox, no 7min I kwon that feature :confused:

TG use TG ratings. 1v1 ratings arent meant to balance TGs. So mentioning the 1v1 ratings doesnt really matter. There is one benefit: I was able to track down the game. It really seems like a horrible match up.

There average TG rating was about 2800, while your maximum team rating was about 1900… Their average TG rating was almost double of yours.

Seems like you arent fully knowing the feature. The 7 min. rule already works if one team is in the queue for 7 minutes. So your enemies probably had to wait for 7 minutes and then got matched against you. There was nothing better for them available at that moment. So they got matched against you.

I am not sure if i understand what you meant. It is not like 15 elo for each game. Elo doesnt really work like that. You might even havent lost almost no elo after this game.

But i have to admit: The current calculations are flawed. They give undesirable outcomes. They also promote smurfing. There are multiple solution posted on this forum already. Have a look at Analyses of the ratings - Spotting the issues for example.

The ratings are bugged since release and it looks like the devs dont really care at all. As result you see threads like these a lot.

I really appreciated your answer a lot and I also read your post only to realize that I had already read it a few times hehe. Thank you very much