The reason why Korean archers have to be stronger

This video is a scene of some Korean historical talk show. (I’m really sorry for English translation not available, but It’s really hard to me. Please forgive me.) This video is explaining about Korean unique archery skill named “Pyun-Jun” and showing how to use.

In middle age of Korea, Koreans had unique archery skill named Pyun-Jun (another name is “Baby Arrow”, because the arrow was really small like baby of arrow.)

Korean archers could increase the shooting range about ⅓, and the rapidity of fire was much faster than normal arrow.

Thanks to the baby arrow, Korean archers didn’t need crossbow pretty much.

That’s why we are very difficult to see crossbow in Korean historical drama or movie. Koreans used crossbow as well, but it was minority.

But this skill was difficult to learn, so that’s why Korean archers was expansive to train, and needed to a lot of time to train. And that influenced to Korea - Japan Imjin War(1592). Before the war, Korean Government was very lazy to train the troops because of long time period of peace, and it made the Korean troops suffered successive defeats at the start of the war. (there is the the last battle of Korea - Japan Imjin War in AOE2 campain!!! but the real history is little bit different.)

I think Korean archers have to be STRONGER!

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There were something similar in Byzantines, Ottoman Empire and China. That is so called solenarion/Majra/Tong ah. Koreans developed this technique very well and even applied to battlefield. But it’s hard to introduce in aoe2.

Tong ah is Korean archery tool to use the baby arrow. And also, “Tong ah” is Korean language.

Chinese developed unique repeating crossbow, not “Pyun-Jun”. It’s Chu Ko NU.

This is Tong ah.

Yeah don’t take this game as an historically accurate game, we have meso civs with steel weapons and infantry from the iron age…

Just be happy that koreans archers are already above average.

I’m so upset, because in game Korea is weak. In history, Koreans had strong archers and cavalry archers.

Well, again the game isn’t an accurate representation of the history, and when you have so many civilization it’s inevitable that some becomes stronger and some weaker.

I mean, I’m italian and the Italians in game sucks for the most. Only yesterday they finally received a change that makes them decent on land maps.

However, koreans now aren’t that weak, they may not be top tier, hut their archers and war wagon are strong and helped by several bonuses (they cost less wood, have free armors…).

Koreans are also a good water map, and there are really few of them in the game.

all i know is sicily is the new korea due to the auto upgrading tower drops (and new byzantine due to their cata cavaliers)

so no i dont think “korean” archers should be better… and i dont think normal korean archers should be better either… the civ needs more options, not tunnel visioned into yet another britons… the more focussed they are at doing 1 thing, the harder they get countered by certain match ups/builds

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They could maybe get bloodlines, and their WW can lose 20HP, since they already get armor for free…

I think that’s fine! Also Parthian Tactics needed. (instead ww would be nerfed,)

Well, this might come off as a surprise to you, but ancient China indeed had this type of small arrow, and it was called “Pian Jian” (片箭), which I believe was written with the same characters as Pyun-Jun.

And this might also come off as a surprise to you, but Chu Ko Nu wasn’t unique to China, Koreans had their own version of it called “Su-No-Kung” or “Su-No-Gi”.

It’s hard to implement all these in a game. If you want everything to be historically accurate, then I guess the whole game has to change.