The record is automatically modified after playback

In the loading game record interface, if you use the search box first and then play the record, the participant name in the corresponding record file will be modified after playing

Hi @MockCascade6218 !

Sorry for the delay! We could not repro your issue, could you send a video to us?


Thank you for your reply.
This is to compare the changes of playback records before and after using search.
Other phenomena occur randomly and are not recorded for the time being.

Now the problem arises. In the video, Hera is changed to my steam ID

Hi @MockCascade6218 !

We tried to reproducte your issue with your pictures but we still cannot. Can you record a video and send it to us?


  1. Enter the video playback interface.
  2. Use the search box to search.
  3. Select search results to play.
  4. Return to the play interface after playing.
    The name was changed in the video, which appeared randomly.
    The sorting arrow is in the wrong position, which occurs every time.

Still no repro sad, either the arrow issue or the names of the players.

If you can record a video using Windows+G it could be very handy.


Hello, this is the video.
There are two problems that can be reproduced. The problem of name change in the video appears randomly, which is not reflected.
thank you.

Now it appears

I had an issue of the same kind :
after watching a replay, a clone of the replay has been created .