The Return of Rome DLC should have 2 more AoE2 civs: Babylonians and Napoleonic France

Let’s go all in.

What the heck. We already have medieval Rome - Byzantines, will add ancient Rome - Romans, should probably add the Roman Republic and Trojans as well and turn the base game into a mod. And the next DLC should be vertical instead of horizontal, the same civ but higher or lower within the timeline, we could add Castile to have Castile and Spain in the same game.



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Holy Roman Empire civ no?

Only if we also add the Germans to represent them in an earlier time period. The Kingdom of Germany from 843.

That’s the Teutons, if their shield icon and the Barbarossa campaign didn’t make it clear enough. Well, most of the HRE as Burgundy and the Low Countries, Northern Italy and Bohemia are different civs, the Teutons is the german core of the Empire.

I want the next update to add the Galactic Empire from SWGB, can’t wait to blow up some english longbowmen with AT-AT walkers and TIE bombers, while the rest get slaughtered by Darth Vader.

More seriously the Romans have had their place in AOE2 ever since an Ensemble Studios dev added the Huns as he liked the story of Attila, 23 years ago.

Oh, 23 years, that’s the time between Attila’s death and the fall of Rome to Odoacer. Coincidence ? I think not !


I mean, that’s the joke, yeah.

But as we already have Huns and their campaigns where we literally face Romans, let’s go and turn them into a civ already.

Yeah, we have the Huns & Goths who are a few oddities since they are not medieval, but the Romans go deeper than that. We already have 4 of Rome’s succesor states: Portuguese, Spanish, Franks and Italians in the game. You’re going to have Romans fight the Spanish. And we already had the Byzantines, the medieval romans, to represent the Romans. Cataphracts didn’t exist at the time of Attila, but we already had the Romans in the game who existed at the time of Attila under the name Byzantines. The only difference between Romans and Byzantines is time, otherwise they are the same civ. Which is why I think adding them is like adding Napoleonic France and the Republic of France as 2 separate civs in the same game.