The right approach towards Inca's team bonus

Inca’s team bonus was always infamous of being the most useless, but it seems its not useless enough as one actually get a bit more food from faster farm creation.

This can be fixed though, here is a list of more useless team bonus that can be considered

  • Villagers chop down wood in 1 hit (instead of 2)
  • Hunters shoot animals with 100% accuracy
  • Mining camps constructed 50% faster
  • Herdable move 15% faster
  • Stonewalls +2 pierce armor
  • Lumbercamp researches 50% faster
  • Fishtraps constructed 100% faster
  • Eagles +3 attack vs fortified walls
  • Blacksmith archer updates affects hunters
  • Siege weapons +2 LOS
  • Xolotl Warrior move 20% faster

Have a better one:

Villagers +100 damage vs boars.

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I know this post is a meme but Inca vills being able to chop trees in one hit would be unironically better than what they currently have.

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Incas just became the most OP forest nothing civ of all time! :scream: :joy:

Infantry +2 LOS. I forgot who proposed it. But I think this is very reasonable for Incas.


The most useless bonus would be that hunters kill boars in one hit!

Become the strongest laming civ ever! :smiling_imp:

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some of those are actually pretty cool xD

Perhaps the foot archer and the slingers +1 melee armor.

Btw, I light upon an idea. Because the Incas built quite a lot of terraced fields, maybe we can make the Inca farms unable to be traversed by opponents when there are farmers working. This could be a civ bonus.

I had the idea of making farms give units +1 elevation, to reflect the terraced farming. That could be a team bonus, and farmers could also drop off food in Castles on top of that.

Damn just give infantry +2 LOS as new team bonus and that’s it


Rams +100 vs cav archers
Towncenters +10 vs trebuchets
Eagles +2 vs Xolotl Warriors
Spearmen +10 vs cav archers
+50 HP siege towers

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Farms x5 hp would in my opinion be a good bonus to still reflect terrace farming and be useful.

Often times when crossbow raided they also snipe a farm here and there.

With this team onus that won’t be possible because they tank