The Rising Empires League's Inaugural Season Kicks Off This April, AoE4's First 2v2 League!

Hello Everyone,

I am extremely happy to announce the formation of the Rising Empires League! Following the widely successful Rising Empires 2v2 Showdown, the RE volunteer team was excited to prepare another team event, this time larger than any other.

A thrilling 2v2 Team League for Age of Empires IV, featuring teams of at least 3 players and up to 5 battling it out over the course of two months across three exciting divisions.

League Format:

Division 1 boasts 14 top-tier teams, each playing a round-robin league comprised of 3 matches in each series totaling six maps each and every week of the season. The Top 6 teams will advance to playoffs, and the bottom two will face automatic relegation to Division 2. What’s more, each won map earns the team’s money, and playoff participants earn bonus prizes!

Thanks to Bdod’s incredible support, we have also already met our target funding for the first month of the league, meaning teams in the first division will earn over $2.50 per map win! that is over $450 in prize money awarded to teams at the end of April.

Division 1 Liquipedia page.

Division 2 features 16 teams split into groups A and B, with the top teams promoted to Division 1 and the 2nd place teams joining the 12th team from the first Division in the Promotion Play-ins for a chance to go to the top flight of the competition! At the same time, a number of the bottom teams from the second Division could be relegated to Division 3 at the end of the season.

Division 2 Liquipedia page.

Division 3, its format will be determined by the number of participant teams after Qualifiers. Safe to say, they will be gunning for one of the promotion spots when the dust settles.

With sign-ups now open, it’s time to gather your teammates and join the action for the Rising Empires League, starting this April!

Qualifiers Liquipedia page.


Nice, will definitely watch.

The competition has received a generous $2K donation from Bdod! with this, plus his previous $3K donation, each team in Division 1 will be able to earn over $7 USD per map win.

The amount of support we have seen from the community has been incredible, as well as the signups. Most of all, bdod , a well-known donator for the scene, has decided to provide over $5k towards the League and Rising Empires to fully fund the inaugural season of it, as well as an expanded playoff prize pool of over $2k!

Division One Increased Prize Pool!
This means that every team in the first division of the competition will earn $5 USD per map win during the regular season, and the Top 6 will advance to a $2300 playoff . There is also a $5 parachute payment for teams that leave Division one at the end of the season.

r/aoe4 - Final Week to Sign Up For The Rising Empires League featuring over $4k in Prizes!

Division Two Now Has Prizes
Lower on the league’s pyramid, the second division teams now have more to play for, as not only is there a promotion spot up for ###### ### also $100 USD for the automatic promotion and $25 for qualifying for the Promotion Play-in tournament .

r/aoe4 - Final Week to Sign Up For The Rising Empires League featuring over $4k in Prizes!

Qualifier Payouts!
On top of the promotion and relegation payouts, the teams competing in the qualifiers also have a chance to earn some cash before the start of the season. Those advancing to Divison 1 (8 teams) will earn a further $20. While the one moving to Division 2 (16 teams) will have a guaranteed at least $5.

Massive Teams Already In
Marinelord, Beasty, Bee, Vortix, Wam, Puppypaw, State, Anotand, Ourk, NyanRacingCat, loueMT, CsOH, and many more top players have already built their teams and registered to play in the league!

It is the Final Week!
If you and your team want to compete in the inaugural season of the Rising Empires League, the time to sign up is NOW, as registrations close on Friday 31st! Do not miss out on the chance to play high-level 2v2!

You can see all of the information about the league on Liquipedia: Rising Empires League - Division 1 - Liquipedia Age of Empires Wiki

Signup up via Rising Empires ... | Details

Join the discord, and find a team:



Invited team list.

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Hey Mates,

For those who might not be in the loop, for the past two months, the rest of the Rising Empires volunteer team and I have been organizing and playing through a 2v2 league with three distinct divisions of play featuring over 4K USD in prizes!

We are a volunteer team of casters, organizers, and fans of AoE4 esports, and, as with all our projects, donations fund us, 100% of which make their way back to players.

I want to make a post telling you how the first season is wrapping up for the teams as well to invite you to grab your best 2v2’s partners and register for season 2 before June 4th!

Division 1

It is now down to the top 6 teams of the league to face each other in the playoffs this coming weekend. Hopefully, many will make a return soon enough for Season 2.

The playoffs will kickoff on Saturday with the 2 Quarterfinals series casted as recorded games followed up by live castings of Kosas Que Pasan vs the winner of 3D!Clan vs Avely Our Elyona. If time allows, we will then live cast The CHIMPS vs the winner of Team Snake vs Imba.

Finally, casted live on Sunday will be the Best of 7 Grand Finals at 15 UTC!

r/aoe4 - Rising Empires League Season 1 Playoffs are This Weekend, With Season 2 Quickly Approaching!

Division 1 Playoff Bracket

r/aoe4 - Rising Empires League Season 1 Playoffs are This Weekend, With Season 2 Quickly Approaching!

Division 1 Standings at the end of the Season

Unfortunately, as noted earlier, we say goodbye to a handful of teams, although their individual players may yet land on some other team with the post-season transfers.

  • Project Conquerors (combined with its academy team in Div2)
  • NSW (disbanded)
  • A Fat Penguin (disbanded)
  • Saint Peter (disbanded)
  • Hot Dog Isn’t a Sandwich (disbanded)

You can read the full results of the regular season and the rosters of all teams on Liquipedia.

Division 2

Congratulations to the following teams, all of which have now secured automatic promotion to Division 1:

  • Ilalu Poggers (7-0 | 19-2)
  • Real Team (6-1 | 16-5)
  • Abcd (6-1 | 16-5)
  • An Insider (5-2 | 15-6)

With the option of returning for Season 2 Division 2 are teams:

  • Debils Team (5-2 | 17-4)
  • Vipers Recruits (4-3 | 11-10)
  • Cheese Masters (3-4 | 10-11)
  • Fresh Noob stuff (5-2 | 14-7)

Finally, heading to the play-in tournament for the chance to return for Season 2 Division 2 are:

  • Project Conquerors Academy (4-3 | 12-9)
  • ############ (3-4 | 10-11)
  • BigMonkaS (2-5 | 9-12)
  • TAS (1-6 | 4-17)

And one team that has so far opted to pull out of the league:

  • PeaceMakers (4-3 | 12-9)

r/aoe4 - Rising Empires League Season 1 Playoffs are This Weekend, With Season 2 Quickly Approaching!

Division 2 Group A Standings

r/aoe4 - Rising Empires League Season 1 Playoffs are This Weekend, With Season 2 Quickly Approaching!

Division 2 Group B Standings

As with Division 1, all the details about the league play and the rosters are available on Liquipedia.

Division 3

The starting level of the competition for all teams, a hectic 24-team scramble for six weeks, gave us 12 teams that showed that they might have what it takes to play in Division 2. First, The top 2 teams in each group are automatically promoted to division 2; congratulations to:

  • La Meute
  • Real 11
  • SwissCheese
  • Missplay Kings

The next four teams from each group are now facing bottom Division 2 teams for a shot at making it. Divided into four groups, the top 2 teams from each will advance to Divison 2 for Season 2.
Group A:

  • Project Conquerors Academy
  • Real Mojinos Esczios
  • ### City Furniture

Group B:

  • ##################### * Magdeburg Esports
  • Warcraft PL

Group C:

  • BigMonkaS
  • The Cartel

Group D:

  • TAS
  • Geriatrix
  • KFC Managers

If any of what you’ve seen today, the trials and tribulations of these teams looking to secure a promotion or fight off the threat of relation, interested you in participating, you can join Season 2 with your team on

Finally, if you want to have more Rising Empires in your live, here are all our socials:

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