The Roman Unique Units?

Can anyone confirm that these are the Roman unique units? The video seems to possibly show the legionary, but I don’t know.

The Roman Legionary?

The Roman Centurion?

I’ve been told both of these models are in the scenario editor already and to my knowledge were used in campaigns? I believe the shield for the legionary is from a type of infantry rank called a Corniacenses and was used in the late roman periods. Perhaps to blend in better with the Age 2 time period. Also, maybe to save time on development. Just a few thoughts. Please correct me if I am wrong about any of this.

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Yes they are. And yes they are used in campaigns when the enemy faction is the Western Roman Empire.


Thank you for confirming that. I appreciate it :smile:

They will be the UUs, they look just right, however they will be reworked (the legionary is a reskinned jaguar and the centurion a reskinned cataphract).

The centurion will have an aura to make the militia line stronger, I don’t know for the legionary.

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It is very unclear what is the uniqueness of the unique units?

How will the centurian make the militia line stronger? HP, Armour, Attack, Speed, Regen, how?

What do they mean by Heavy Infantry, don’t we have enough of them (TK, JW etc.)? What is this one’s special ability?


Not that this would happen or even if it’s really necessary, but I remember back in the day Gamespot used to do civilization showcases for Age of Kings before the release. Good memories having neat things to look forward too. Maybe we’ll get more information about the units and bonuses before release, but who knows. I think tthe centurion has an aura that extends only so many tiles to give a bonus to infanrtry

I looked around the forums and saw just that :smile: I didn’t mean to offend anyone with a post and I never really do post on forums. However, I thought it was a constructive post about a game I love and I wanted some information from those people who are more invested in the community like you have been. :smile:

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I think, we will have mixture between Italians and Byzanties, the Roman Legionary might be like Conditiero, recruit from barracks and Centurion like Cataphracts, from castles.

And Romans are popular because of their strategies with the shields (Turtle Strategy), I might think of enhanced pierce armor, since lately pierce armor is getting buff, when in the range of Centurion. It makes sense to me.

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