The Rus bounty system should reward differently

Most civs now seem to like to rush professional scouts and fight over deer, which is a fine mini-game, but doesn’t make Rus special other than hunting cabins.

And many people would like to see a professional scouts nerf, and I think it’s a valid argument.

I Rus main, but somehow the rush for deer by almost any civ makes Rus seem less good, not more.

Keep the hunting cabin bonuses, and nerf professional scouts a bit for everyone, possibly a bit less so for Rus to make them shine in the hunt retrieval.

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The stone walls are forgotten. When choosing the Spasskaya Tower, it should be possible to build stone walls :v::wink:

Mongol vs RUS is quite an even MU as showmatches suggest - they are atm the 2 best civs on open land maps. Depnding on the open landmap MarineLord rates Mongols or RUS higher.

rank 33 Rus vs rank 155 Mongol.

like I said, you dont even have to raid or contest the deer or contest the relics, just do your Steppe Redoubt fast castle with lancer+mangudai. attack move and win. :man_shrugging:

I think Rus are heavily overpowered in the current meta and should be hard nerfed

relic, please netf Rus, optimally lower the gold amount gained from killing hunts as it gives too much of an eco bonus in the early game

That’s rly a bad example - that was a great close game that capoch probably would have won by adding the stronger rus Lancers himself - Lancer+CA shred lancer+magundai. It’s not like you can contest the relics - RUS will ALWAYS FC faster - only way to contest them is by archer ram pushing, but you are dead if you don’t kill early with that strategy.

Fun Fact in the final of the same tournament we had rank 2 mongol (Beastyqt) lose vs rank 33 RUS (Capoch) - Capoch came also to the conclusion that lancers would own that comp and did it. Low sample size data doesn’t say anything btw.

Both RUS and Mongols need slight adjustments they are the 2 S-Tier civs atm.

Unlikely we will get too much outside of bugfixing horse archers to shoot slower. Relic already said they don’t want to nerf Mongols, they want to buff other civs to their powerlevel.

That sounds fine aswell. I think the Horse archer attack speed fix and maybe nerfing prof scouts and Rus should be fine anyways. It’s not like Rus was rated high before the horse archer meta anyways - It had a terrible time in Genesis.

If you watch beasty’s stream often you would know he doesn’t have enough games with Mongol and it shows in that match, he got a lot of unspent res every time he attacks.

pro scout and horsearchers are definitely gonna get the cost increase in the future patch but still, Mongol is the only one atm who can go toe to toe against Rus’s “broken build” without even contesting the deer or relic, that is not S tier, that is downright OP.

Beasty was saying on stream how every time he plays in a tourney his mind turns off. He’s actually very experienced as mongols, it was like the only civ he played the first two week.s

Pro scouts will probably get some nerf, I doubt it will be cost though, it’s already a 350 resource upgrade.

first 2 weeks of the game feels like forever ago, I dont even remember when was the last time I saw beasty play Mongols before this tourney.

Yeah pro scout probably gonna get all kinds of nerf but 350 res really is nothing, it’s literally 1 deer, another deer will cover the cost of 6 scouts.

I’ve been watching him stream and he plays it somewhat often in 1v1 to good success. He did talk about his latest tournament and how he had strategies for the tourney and just didn’t do them.

Also 350 resources is the amount most castle age techs cost. Increasing its costs hurts other civs professional scout civs noticeably more than Rus imo since they already have to build extra buildings such as a stable.

Russia is perfect like this, I can age up in 2:50 minutes and 9:50 minutes to age III, then mass cav archer if enemy is rushing, capture relics, age IV, strelets and cav archers more more more, blacksmith, university, siege. BOOM BAM baby.

Add me so we play together! Im Jack_2005 in-game

As someone who has just started playing Rus, does it really give that big of an advantage to be able to make scouts from the cabins compared to other civs? The bounty system requires a lot of micro and in 1 v 1s, its pretty damn difficult to get to Tier 3 even if your opponent isnt doing their own scouts. In 2 v 2 its much easier with the more resources but 1 v 1, it is difficult.

If left unopposed in Fuedal, it is very easy to fast castle for any civ or go 2 TC then Castle. More players need to learn to be more aggressive or use scouts to understand what their opponent is doing. Rus need to, if an opponent rushes they cannot do such an aggressive FC.

Plus the deer gathering meta is becoming more common even outside of Rus. If an opponent kills 1 group of deer thats already a huge hit to the Rus player in 1 v 1.

And to counter CA, you get knights, archers and mangonels. How do you guys counter mangudai? CA get zero bonuses remember to attack. They have the hitpoints of a veteran archer remember, they are squishy units.

This castle age strat is dumb and busted and needs to get nerfed

What’s the counter play - spam your own useless scouts to try and kill animals before rus can cheese their way to an early castle?

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You are just being judgemental here. I gave you numbers and thoughts. If you ain’t happy to hear that your favorite civ is too strong compared to the others it’s not my problem.
I gave you facts you all. Deal with it ! If you don’t wanna hear it and just say sh*t you can talk about it in your own topic. Here i’ll gave you a title already “RUS are the best and i should be consider top player because talents” you selfcentered idiots.

Do you have any idea the time i passed to look at the numbers, test it, compare it with other civs ?! Show some respect for god sake !

Seriously what’s your problem people i ask for grown up to discuss and give me arguments. Not kids to come wasting my time ! I hope the devs don’t listen to YOUR kind suggestion or this game will never shine and end up dying in a year at best.

the rus system is perfect, in multiplayer games I can age up to castle in 9.5 minutes and use 3 scouts to bring all deer to my side. however, in a 4vs4 match against pros yesterday, the second they rushed me, i lost. Because RUS depends greatly on early eco to allow early castle age, no matter pro scouts and deer and bounty, when they killed vills it was over for me, (then my allies won the match but anyway…)

Ways to stop it would be killing deer with your own scout in advance, so you avoid russia getting all that gold so early, the magic trick is killing the dear, bringing them to my own side is a sidebar since farms can be built anyway…

Rus still loses vs a ram push though don’t they.
The castle times mentioned here, you can also get castle age by 8-8:30 with every other civ.

Many better plays mentioned it already, scouts carrying deer should simply be slower so there can be counter play.

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yeah the times of ageing are greatly dependent on the player’s ability, of course. but is it scouts “stealing” enemy’s deer such a big deal to propose all this thing? honestly, when I played with other civs noone ever has stolen my deer in all this time and I make sure to kill them in advance if any of the enemies is russian. That’s all you have to do to stop the famous “russia is op” everyone claims imo

Oh and the siege rush too, I agree with that part