Thé second breakfast

Hi guys,

What about the second breakfast ? I mean What about the second forgotten empires?

I can t write here how i love the developpers of this second life of our favorite game, BUT

Where is the decent campaign of byzantines ? I waiting for this for 21years ago :frowning:


We need an near Orient dlc no? Armenian and another (oh let me guess ? Venice???) with a cool campaign of byzantines.

(i know japanes want too) (these civ are so forgotten)

What do yiu think guys? We are still hungry?


Anything outside of Europe is fine to me.

Byzantines already have one so there wont be another full campaign.Meanwhile chinese japanese koreans vikings classic civis still no full campaign.


I agree , vikings need a campaign and could be great!

For byzantines i cant count Bari campaign, even if we play byzantine in.

A campaign around Alexis 1st was more accurate for me. Or a campaign around seljukides. (oh god, Turks need too) But you maybe right and nothing will be.

Turks Magyars Slavs all share one.