The sending of the 4 grenadiers in the third age is unfair

The Ottomans and Dutch have the shipment of 4 grenadiers, while the Russians, British and Swedes can send 5 grenadiers.

Why is there that difference?

Because they’re not the same civilizations.

You have to consider all around what are their strengths and weaknesses, that would justify this kind of decision, such as Economy or Military strengths.

That said, Grenadiers are quite underperforming at this current meta, yet. Too much population cost or too expensive I guess.

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Some civs do not have 5 vils (age 2) or 2 falcs (age 3) either…

Correction: 5 vils. Not 4.


That is what the issue is about, it does not seem that this shipment obeys the praton of strengths that civilizations have to derive that difference, also considering as you say that the grenadiers are currently out of the meta game, this difference makes the shipment of the 4 grenadiers are even worse

Probably because ottos have the abus gun and the Dutch have the halebardier.

Ottomans and Dutch don’t deserve more great III shipments, but you could make the same point about Swedes.

There is a civilization that can transport unique artillery units at age 2.
Eliminating the wood for construction makes it more efficient, but not many people think it is unfair.
Ottoman also has a unique artillery unit of age 2 but cannot be transported.
Yes, I mean the Mandarin Duck Squad in China

Lol this is actually a buff, so noone in their right mind would ever send this bad unit :wink: