I posted this in the iv-modding page but i dont want modders opinions , i want players opinions so im posting it right here, feel free to leave an opinion or ask questions, i (the modder) will try to respond everything.


Is this a custom campaign or a game mode for multiplayer?

Did you mod in Spanish and Dutch units?

this is a custom campaign SCENARIO that im working on.

Sadly nope, i cannot make new units neither new civs so im using other civs as place holders

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Looks very nice! Was it very hard to script things? Wanna make some custom maps scenarios by myself but hesitatet still.

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Thanks, it will look pretier on launch

Is not that hard, but yes, it takes time for sure

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Which of all the sieges of Breda would it be… I saw that they are sieges of the 30 years war, isn’t it a bit late for a medieval game, since the 30 years wars is already full AoE 3 territory?

What civs are you going to use to replace the Spanish and Dutch?..

Actually aoe4 spans from the 9 century to the 17 so its actually not that late hehe

I wont reveal it for now , i can confirm one is the english as they helped the dutch.

Yes, but I mean that in the 30 years war they already used more modern ways of fighting… gunpowder units at close range and cannons… seeing medieval-type units was already very outdated…In addition, the campaigns go from the 11th to the 16th century (1066-1552)…

Oh great…

They were using early gunpowder like arcabuces, we can get around that problem using handcannoneers.

Sure! but malians in game all the way through 17th century and im tempted to even say 18th since they have weapons that by no means are medieval.

(this means that the game technically starts at medieval and ends up in the 17th century)

(btw this game is not truly medieval) Its spans over the middle ages, sure. But it ends up at the start of the renaissance , really close to where aoe3 beggins at.

Yes, like AoE 2 that has the Moctezuma campaign narrated by Cuautemoc (Aztec leader in AoE 3) and in the case of AoE 4 that the Rus campaign ends with the siege of Kazan by Ivan IV (who is the Russian leader in AoE 3)…That’s why the Ottoman campaign would have to start with Manzikert and end in Mohacs with Soliman the Magnificent (Ottoman leader of AoE 3)…

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Your mission looks very good!

I am curious, how long took You to make (create) this mission ?