The Siege of Plevna should be a Historical Battle

Playing as Romanians lead by General Mihail Cerchez, using a basic Euro Civilization with access to Dorobanti and Rosiori instead of Musketeers and Dragoons, and you would have Russian allies led by Mikhail Skobelev (who would become your co-op partner in co-op mode).

Your objective would be to deprive the city of supplies by capture trade routes that that lead into the city, followed by stopping the Ottoman attempt at fleeing north-west to Opanets, and then finally storming the ottoman bridges and entering the fortress to capture Osman Pasha.

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Would much rather show the opposite side. The siege of Plevna was a heroic stand by the Ottoman Army which bought enough time for public opinion In Europe to swing towards the Ottomans. To paraphrase a famous historian: Most battles simply confirm the way things are already going. But Plevna changed the course of history.


Do you know Scenario Design? Maybe you could give it a go, except for the custom units. But then, you could rename musketeers and change their stats or something like that.

I don’t care what western historians say, Plevna was where we won our freedom from the Ottomans.


entonces si ese es el caso, me gustaria que la batalla del caribe la pusieran desde el punto de vista de los Españoles, ya que eran ciudadanos criollos quienes morian a manos de piratas, eso o que pongan la batalla de la contra armada inglesa o la de cartagena de indias, no se tu colega, pero una batalla desde el punto de vista rumano suena bien por mi


Honestly, all revolutions deserve their historical battles.


Ojo al charqui may come from the victims of Sharp raids.

The Argentinian defense against British raids would be a cool scenario

la verdad es que si, faltan muchos escenarios epicos dentro del juego

Claro, pero como mencionaste los raids Británicos di como ejemplo la defensa de Buenos Aires.

Si alguien se anima podríamos recrearla. Yo no sé cómo fue, pero sé de triggers

yo tampoco se como hacer mapas xd tengo varias ideas pero no se usar el editor xd

Yo si sé (excepto cámaras), pero me da MUUUUCHA pereza hacerlo solo

You have the historical map of the Russo-Turkish wars (i know it’s not the same but something is something I guess)…one can play as the Russians and revolutionize as the Romanians and face the Ottomans…