The size of the buildings on new DLC Return Of Rome

I Think the size of the buildings are smaller compared with the other DLC’s of AoE II DE

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There are always been like that in AoE1, AFAIR


But this is not AoE I

But it isn’t AoE2 either.

The game has been ported into AOE2DE…

Example of the unit scale being all wonky. See how the tents for example are too small within their hit box.

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AoE1 was always like that. But AoE2 has some scaling issues too.

For example, the Folwark, the Bengali and Gurjara Wonders, and the Roman Wonder are all way too small.

I think this was a missed opportunity to adjust scale. They had the tile space for both houses and tents. I think it would have been a nice facelift to the game, improving immersion, without affecting game mechanics.

I would have gone a step further and increased the footprint of Temples to give them a better more realistic scale in line with AOE2.

The updated scale is something we did with R@W and it had a nice affect overall on the appearance of AOE assets in AOE2.


Not disagreeing with you about the scale of the wonders. They should rectify these. At least let us have the assets in the editor to add in with mods at the minimum.

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AoE1 and AoE2 use a different style of building.
AoE2 buildings try to maximize what they can get onto their footprint while AoE1 buildings often have some space around them.

Many AoE1 and AoE2 builds are actually the same size or even larger in AoE1.
Houses are 2x2 in both games
Military buildings are 3x3 in both games
Towers are 2x2 in AoE1 while only being 1x1 in AoE2. But AoE2 towers are often bigger then their footprint and clip into each other when you build them directly next to each other.
TCs are only 3x3 in AoE1 but 4x4 in AoE2.
Storage Pits and Granaries are 3x3 in AoE1 but the equivalents only 2x2 in AoE2 (unless you include the Blacksmith that is also 3x3).

Now that they have been combined into AOE2DE they should be tweaked to match the game.

If they are supposed to match AoE2 buildings they would need to be completely redesigned from the ground up.

Basically every AoE1 building would need to be 50% larger to work with the design it was, and you don’t want to have 3x3 houses, do you?

AoE1 buildings are only supposed to appear together with other AoE1 buildings so they keep their consistent design language.

For example the AoE1 barracks is a square building with a training ground in the middle, the Academy on the other side is a rectangular building with a large training ground next to it.

In AOE2 the barracks mixes both designs. It always as a double story building on on side and then a training ground with a wall around it on the other.

The whole base layout (specially houses) look really weird being so small. In the case of houses there’s even empty space around them occupying the space. I’d like to see their sizes adjusted.