The smoke is great!

Hey people,

as some people complained about the smoke on Youtube and this board, I want to emphazise, that there are people who like it. Just like the shouts of the scouts.

There are certainly some issues, like when smoke appears where you just would not expect it to be. Like when running over a green grassy ground. Or when shooting arrows out of a castle?

But with siege and gunpowder units, I think it is just great. I like the idea, that it affects the readability of the situation, depending on how close you have your other units with those.
You might even be able to get the enemy to charge into the cannons, while overseeings that units are still close to them.

That said, I like it as a special feature or maybe even trade-off for some units.
Generally I do have some difficulties with overall readability in this game.
And (always) unit tracking arrows. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont think there is too much smoke and that causes we cant see the units. I played the beta and I dont have any problems of it.Gun powder units and canons are great to use :slight_smile:


I do not agree.

I see you love smoke.
It would probably be best for you if all the units and buildings made so much smoke that you didn’t see anything during the whole game …

Canon smoke alow to hide my pikemen, this is great and in the greatess fear of my enemy, has he can’t see my pikemen killing his cavalery, so he keep sending more cavalery into the smoke.

My friend never again attacked me in my canon smoke, always going for the long way around. XD


Since you’re aware there’s already another topic about this very thing on this board, shouldn’t we keep the conversation about it over there, instead of creating another one every time someone disagrees? Helps keeping the forum organized and less polluted.

I have been searching for one positive thread topic before and only found negative ones.

I think it is viable to have at least one “anti-statement” thread. As it might otherwise always be seen as something bad, that on a closer look would at best be not important.

They just need to fix smoke from castle arrows and smoke from military walking on “wet” ground and we cool. Otherwise just add an advanced graphics setting where you can turn it off and everyone’s happy