The Spanish building bonus

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I don’t know if you agree me with that or not, but i found the 30% quick build bonus for the Spanish is really sick, i think it is really need a nerf to become 15% or 20% as max, the Spanish in general is a very good civ with very good bonuses, like the blacksmith upgrades cost only food and they have a good techs, i think this civ really need nerf specially the 30% building faster feature.
So what do you think?


Spanish archers with gold free range upgrades are basically uncounterable.


Well the most powerful bonus for them is this sick 30% building faster, it is totally stupid and really need nerf for sure, i think 15% or 20% will be good for now

I don’t think this bonus is as strong as you’re making it out to be. Under what scenario would this bonus create an unfair situation? The biggest thing about it is putting up castles faster and being able to build houses 1 pop ahead instead of 2 during dark age, hardly game changing.


In tower rush and castle drops it really hard to defend, i think it should be 20% not 30%

It’s mostly relevant for Deathmatch I guess, since in RM I never had any problems with Spanish building speed. There are enough other ways to counter them.

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Spanish tower rushes got completely killed by the tower nerf anyway, unlike korean/incan ones which are much stronger.

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I don’t see a need for nerf. Spanish aren’t an S tier civ, and if we reduce these types of civ bonuses it makes civs feel less interesting and more generic. We want each civ to give a slightly different play experience/feel to keep the game fresh!

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Spanish don’t get treadmill crane, doesn’t make sense for the bonus to have it lower than the tech (even though Spanish bonus works for the whole game). Spanish also don’t get a real eco bonus and no xbows, so it’s balanced


30% bonus is very significant for villagers spending more time in resource collection. This is the main indirect eco bonus of Spanish. Quick building can also help them wall against the opponent. This is what mainly makes their feudal age viable and wait until castle age to shine. Tower rush is effective at lower elo but no longer effective when you reach higher elo. I don’t see a need of nerf.