The Split of the Indian Civilization

As i noticed the Indian Civilization was split in Age of Empires 2 was split. I think its fair to know that the Devs are aware that India is quite diverse in its History. It has a lot of stories to tell.

Kings, Emperor, Sultans
There is so much more to India. I ain’t an Indian myself but i find myself immersed in their struggles in history though some are short lived( The Sikh Empire) It had its moments and others are Clusterf**** of confusing in the Maratha Empire but i think both deserve a spotlight in the AOE3 stage!

Though the Sikh Empire is a Landlocked Nation so was the Hausa!
I have a cool suggestion for the Marathi Navy though.

Here goes:
Maratha Empire/Confederacy
As the crowns fall to the Colonial rule. India’s Strenghts persist in the Maratha Empire. An Army consisting of decent Infantry and ferocious Cavalry and its waters are guarded by a Interesting and diverse Navy. With a healthy relationship to mercenaries. It was also able to successfully reform its naval power though for a short time showed the Capabilites of the Indian Navy.

Leader-Baji Rao I (Last Great King of the Maratha)/Personality Hard Rusher/Raider

Strenghts- Infantry and Cavalry move fast. They have an Industrial and imperial age market upgrade for Gathering Natural Resources including Fish(food).
Has access to strong fortifications Killa and Kasbah which can both garrison Infantry and Artillery. Rice Paddies and its upgrades become 15% cheaper upon reaching the imperial age. The Consulate can toggle to produce 20% Export. Many Situational cards that can increase the advantage of your units for a duration.

Weaknesses-Very slow and expensive cannons. Many good units cost Export, Consulate allies are not flexible compared to the original Asian Dynasty Civs, Infantry lack card upgrades and may force the player to rely on cavalry. Fortifications are expensive and their version of a castle cannot train units. Their light cavalry namely the Pindari and Bargi are Classified as Outlaws. Making them susceptible to Explorer instant kills but not conversions.
Naval Units Have less HP than European counterparts but make up for it in different stats. Only 1 temporary boost card can be sent at a time.

Can Revolt at Industrial Age: 3 Choices
The Nizam of Hyderabad- Infantry train faster and Artillery become Cheaper. All Villagers become Loyalists

Kingdom of Mysore- Deccan Invincibles Export cost changed to Greater amount of Food. Buildings gain 30% more Hitpoints. All Villagers become Loyalists. Mysorean Rockets can be trained from Barracks and Town Centers.

Mughal Pretender-All Villagers become Loyalists. Allows Training of Qizibashi in the place of Sepoys; Stronger with bonus attack vs Skirmishers. All outlaws become cheaper and cost 1 less population and can be trained from military buildings.

Perks-their Villagers cost food- They gather from wood and coin sources 5% faster Their Villagers have dual resistance. Can Gather from Hunts.

Confederations/Misl unity- The Maratha empire age up by choosing a state to Integrate/Confederate into their cause. These Age ups can provide a bonus to Cavalry, Buildings, Economy and Mercenaries but provide smaller to Infantry.

Shared Units
Rajput/Pata Warrior-Same as Mughal counterpart. A card can be sent to change them into Katar Warrior
Sepoy-Weaker than the Mughal counterpart. Cannot Build Military buildings.
Sowar-Rides a Horse Instead of a Camel and moves slightly faster than Mughal Counterpart.
Zambaruk- Zamburak Equivalent. Slower but has higher attack and hitpoints. Cost 2 population
Howdah-Similar to the Mughal Counterpart but has less upgrades.

Unique Units
Peshwa A horseman armed with a sword. If a card is sent the Peshwa can train Heavy Cavalry the “Huzarat” that are strong in Melee and ranged as well as having dual resistances. Peshwas train Huzarats faster than the stables.
Special Ability-(Intimidating Provacation) Decreases the movement speed and attack speed of guardians while increasing his own. If a card is sent he can use this ability on enemy units.

Gardi-Elite Heavy infantry that cost export, They Increase the HP of nearby Artillery each increasing it by 1%(Maximum of 20%)
Mavales-Spearman that grows stronger in number(Upgrade is expensive but makes unit really strong)
Konkani-Long range Skirmisher (Historically a musketeer) does not lose melee attack vs cavalry.
Katar Warrior-Infantry that move faster than rajputs/Pata Warrior and deal even more damage to heavy and light Infantry but they lose bonus attack against cavalry.

Deccan Invincible-High hitpoint Elite Skirmisher that can only be trained from the consulate or sent from the Homecity. cost export and coin.

Shiledar -Heavy Cavalry armed with Sword.
Bargir-Low hitpoint fast melee light cavalry
Pindari-fast light ranged cavalry good against villagers,Artillery and buildings.
Huzurat- Elite Heavy Cavalry that gains hitpoints and attack when near the Peshwa. Dual Resist with a rifle ranged attack.
With 7 build Limit which will incrrease depending on how many Peshwas on the field or specific upgrades you purchased. Also increases by 1 per age up after colonial.

40 Pounder -Anti Infantry artillery. Cost Export
Battery cannon- Slow cannon carried by 4 people like a mortar but deploys slower. Can be garrisoned inside a Killa to increase the Killa’s attack.

Unique Navy- All Marathan traditional ships deal more damage while farther away from their targets. And their docks are cheaper costing 175 wood. They have a unique Galleon that can train Mercenaries and Outlaws from.

Reference-Dacoit,Galivat. Gurab and Pal(Man O War)

The Maratha only have access to 2 Consulate alliances.
The French Which Improves their Economy and the Portuguese which Improves their Navy. Instead of General military units. They can send European Instructors that boost the attack of nearby units and Resource crates and cannons from the Consulate at a Cost and cooldown period.

The Maratha have a high emphasis on Cavalry and can employ 2 types of raider Cavalry. They have to choose from 2 upgrade routes at their stables.

Employment of the Bargis.
Lightning Raids-After your Bargi Cavalry defeat a military unit they will have increased attack for 10 seconds(+10%)

Expert Looting-Destroying an enemy building will yield you 3% of its wood cost as coin.Except walls

Employment of Pindaris.
Plunderers and Foragers-Your villagers gather 8% faster from Hunts and 10% from berries and will deal more attack to other villagers.

Indomitable Raider Determination-After your Pindari Cavalry defeat a military unit they will have increased attack resistance(+0.10) for 10 seconds

Unique Buildings

Campoo. A Barrack combined with an Artillery foundry.

Killa - An Outpost that has more HP and can garrison Infantry and cannons but cannot train units. It gains more HP the farther it is from a Town Center(Capped at 20%)

Kasbah - Unique Rebuildable Marathan Fort, Can Only be built by the Peshwa. Deals even more Damage to ships than Normal European Forts.

Unique card concepts-
Loot Fueled Rampage! - For 3 minutes. All of your Infantry and Cavalry deal Double the Siege damage against Buildings and when the timer is active. Buildings destroyed while this is duration is running will yield 1/4 of their cost as food and wood to your stockpile. 600 Coin Cost (Colonial Age)

Tribute of the Princely states-Ships 200 food or wood or coin. After sending this shipment your next shipments will come with an additional resource of 200 food 200 wood 200 coin or 150 export directly to your stockpile. Cost 400 Export

Karmic Fortune-You earn 2 Shipments and have 400 coin delivered to the shipment point once this card is sent. Cost 1250 Export (Colonial Age)

Imperial Court Selections-Once sent.units and building killed and destroyed by your Peshwas will give a 1/4 of its total cost back as Export.
Also ships 1 Peshwa.

Empire Funded Banditry-Dacoits,Thuggees and Catamarans are 10% cheaper and cost 1 less population.

Gaekwad Support-Ships 3 Bargis and 3 Pindaris. Upon reaching the Industrial age receive 5 Villagers. Cost 600 Food.

Holkar Support-Ships 1 Military wagon and 3 villagers. Upon Reaching the Industrial age you will receive 600 Gold Crate. Cost 450 wood. (Colonial age)

Scindia Support-Ships 5 Rajputs/Pata Warriors. Upon reaching the Fortress Age receive 300 food crate. Cost 350 Wood. (Colonial Age)

Bhonsales Support-Ships 8 Konkani and 1 military wagon. Upon reaching the Industrial Age Receive 800 Wood crate. Cost 700 Coin (Fortress age)

Puar Support-Ships 1 Town Center Rickshaw and 3 House Rickshaws. Upon Reaching the Industrial age Town Centers are built faster and cheaper. 40% faster 20% Cheaper. 800 Coin cost, (Fortress Age)

Seaside Barters-Your Fishing boats also gather a small amount wood while tasked on fish and whales.

Traditional Rajput Warfare- Increase hand attack of all Hand Cavalry and hand Infantry by 10% and Hand Armor by 0.05

Foreign Gunners Demand- Consulate Artillery units move and attack 10% faster but become 5% more expensive. ships 3 Falconets (Industrial Age card) Cost 900 Export.

Grand Warrior Caste-Decreases the Training time of all infantry and artillery by 15% and all military unit Export costs are reduced by 10%

Guerilla Sea Tactics- Galivats and Gurabs can now stealth and now move faster (+10%). Stealth Naval units will be revealed if a Unit ######### ## ##############
Entrenchment and Redoubt- Allows your cannons to Dig in to their position at the cost of wood and mobility but gain significant Hitpoint and Ranged/Artillery resist Boost(30% more HP and 0.10 Ranged resist)

Naval Marathan Mobility-Docks have more hitpoints(+50%) and Repair nearby Ships faster

Succesive Foreign Support- Consulate units and upgrades become cheaper(-10%) and decreases the cooldown of it resources crates by 20%

Righteous Cause- Once this card is sent you may now pick One Native to ally with. Once you have you sent this card you will gain access to their Units and Upgrades. Udasi, Bhakti and Sufi from the native embassy.

Mass Heavy Cavalry Tactics- All Cavalry gain 10% more HP and they suffer less from the Trample penalty.

Open Hand of the Maratha- Increase Mercenary and outlaw HP by 20% and movement speed by 5%

Paradise of Groves-Ships 1 Mango Grove rickshaw and for every 4 shipments sent after this card you will receive a Mango Grove rickshaw at your Home city Gather point/Build Limit 3.(Fortress Age)

Indian Sea Trade-All your Wood is traded for a larger amount of Coin.

Risky Hit and Run Tactics- After your Light cavalry strikes an Enemy its movement speed will increase for a short period of time(5 seconds) but the Damage resistance will lower.

Economic Golden Age-Villagers Generate 200% more export for 5 minutes 900 Food Cost. Can only be sent once and can be sent again upon reaching imperial age.

Foreign Cannon Coordinators-Increases the movement speed and Limber speed of Artillery for 20 seconds by 25%(Arrives fast) Cost 500 Export/ Can be sent once per Age.

En Masse Contributions- Trading Posts now trickle a small amount of Export. Each Trading post now boost all gathering rates. (1.5% for each Trade post)

Unstoppable Stampede- For 15 seconds. Cavalry become highly resistant and their movement speed increases significantly, Can be sent once per age. Food Cost 500

Technological Western Purchase-Changes all Research costs except Spies into Export. Can be sent again to reverse its affect.

Council of Eight-Improves all coin gather rate by 10% and villagers generate 10% more export

War of 27 Years-All units near Kasbahs,Town Centers and Killas are healed and each of those buildings will muster a Bargi or pindari raider Cost 700 wood

Team Cards
Team Respected Mercenaries-Your mecenaries gain +15% more HP and Attack/ +10% HP and attack for Team Mates. Marathi Only.

Team Foraging Parties- Increases the Yield of all Natural Resources by 8% and all villagers gather 5% faster from them.

Team Bounty of the Groves-Ships 1 Forester rickshaw that can turn into a Mango Grove or 1500 wood Crate that settlers will gather very slowly from(Fortress Age) cost 500 coin

Team Mardani Khel- Increases the Hand Attack of all Infantry by 15% and ranged attack of Bow Infantry and Cavalry by 10%

Team Merchant Economies- Trickles a small amount of Export for Asian Allies, Influence for African Allies and XP for European Allies

Sikh Empire/Khalsa
As Empires Rise and Fall to European Domination. In the North a rising Lion bears its fangs on daring opponents. Its Strenght personafied in its ruler. Ranjit Singh under his somewhat fair rule towards the local Muslim and Hindus. A treaty with the British ensured their survival to hold dominion for a bit longer, He was able to maintain his hold in Northern India with his Elite European Trained Army alongside his Traditional Nihang styled Fighters. The Sikh Empire stood as long as it could against outside influences , had its leaders been more competent it would have made a powerful Punjabi state today.

Can Revolt at Industrial Age:
Durrani Resurgent-Cavalry Become stronger and move faster. Allows training of Ghulam. Nihang Troops can no longer be trained. All Wonders gain an attack. All Settlers become Pashtos, Infantry that can gather from all resources but at a slower rate.

Collapsing Crown-A very unique Revolt. To reflect the waivering royalty and nobility of the Sikhs after the death of Ranjit Singh. The Bonuses and Cards change every 7minutes.
All Settlers become Pata Warriors and Sepoys. If a card is being sent while a transition occurs the Shipment will be refunded.

Leader-Ranjit Singh/Lion of Punjab/ Personality Turtle Eco

Strenghts-Strong Diverse Cavalry, Diverse Infantry, High HP Artillery. Military Upgrades are more expensive but boost units more than other Civs. All Military Unit Upgrades become 15% cheaper upon reaching the Imperial Age.The Consulate can toggle to produce 20% Export
Weaknesses- End game units cost Export and Nihang has long Train time. Consulate does not work like other Asian Civs and only has 2 consulate allies. End game units do not have enough upgrades for Train time to be viable. Artillery deal low damage however have faster movement and attack speed,
Naval Units cost Export and do not have extra upgrades. They need to rely on Portuguese Consulate ally for it.

Called Forager (Villagers cost Food) All Male
110 food but have a gather rate of Couriers
Gathers faster from Mines and trees 5% faster and has more HP
Build Limit 90.

Wagons used for buildings are pulled by Oxen. Higher HP Wagons but lower speed.

The Army is divided into 4 divisions.

The Regular Division which consist of Regular and Traditional Trained Warriors consisting of Infantry,cavalry and Artillery like the Mughal Empire has. Which cost Food Coin and wood.

The French Division which consist of heavy Infantry and Skirmishers as well cannons that are slightly unique. Including the Shutersvaar or the cannon mounted war camel. All Units of the French Division cost Export in addition to the Other 3 major resources.

The Nihang Army- which consist of heavy Infantry and Cavalry that have an increased cost. Though mostly consist of elite melee units besides their ranged unit one being a musketeer the other being a Chakram thrower. They are powerful however are not affected by Train time upgrades and have a higher population cost (Only from cards can this be affected or Age up Sikh Misl) They can only be trained from the Qila. They can only be trained at the Fortress age.

-All Bunga-Wali are Mounted units, Dumali-Wali will have units on foot.

Irregular Division- Which consist of units that can only shipped from the Home City and Militia which can be called upon from the Town Center(at a Cool Down) or trained

Shared Units
Sepoy(Regular)- cannot build Military buildings but can build walls, Better Train time
Zamburak(Regular)-Normal But they can be upgraded more from cards
Rajput/Pata Warrior(Regular)-More upgradable than Mughal counterpart via cards and Misl Age up/Wonder
Mahout(Regular)-Slow Melee Elephant unit
Urumi Swordsman(Irregular)- Can only be sent from the Homecity like the Mughal Counterpart.

Unique Units
Rajah- Unique Explorer- mounted Explorer that carries a lance. It will gain a bonus against Infantry at the Fortress age. Its unique Card upgrade is giving the explorer an aura which increases the train rate of nearby military buildings.
They will also have an Aura that boost nearby units belonging to the Regular Army.
Special Ability-(Personafied Zeal) Decrease the attack and damage resistance of guardians at an Area. A card can be sent so that the debuff can be applied to enemy Units.
(Clarion Call)-Units near your explorer have their resistances doubled and when allied units are killed when ability is in effect will increase the attack of nearby allied units as well as your Rajah.

Hari Singh Nalwa- (Unique Hero unit) - units when near him units gain +10% attack and Enemies around him lose -10% attack. Ability Zealous Warcry- Increases the melee damage and movement speed of nearby Cavalry and infantry units by 20%. Sent From Card (Baghmar) card

Zamzama Bhangianwala Toap-Unique Homecity Cannon. Only 1 can be on the battlefield at a time. Regenerates Hitpoints every second and increases the Attack of nearby units every time it fires for 3 seconds.

Akali Lancer(Nihang)-Like Jat Lancers but have similar stats to spanish lancer
Dumala Warrior(Nihang)-Powerful hand infantry that gains multipliers depending on formation they are in.
Dumala Matchlock(Nihang)-Expensive 2 pop Short Ranged musketeer with high hand attack
Bunga Rider(Nihang)-Powerful Hand Cavalry that deals bonus damage to mercenary
Nihang Chakram(Nihang)-Powerful ranged infantry that deals hand attack damage

Misaldar Sowar-Elite cavalry with ranged charge attack. With small train Limit(tagged as mercenary)

Fauj-I-Khas(French Division)- Elite Heavy infantry that cost Export(stats and cost like Maigadi slightly weaker)
Fauj-I-Khas Lancer(French Division)-Elite Anti infantry cavalry that cost Export
Shutersvaar(French Division)- Slow Camel mounted with cannon that cost Export

Topkhana-i-Gavi(Regular Division)-Oxen pulled Artillery(like Falconet)
Topkhana-i-Fili(Regular Division)- Elephant Pulled Canon(Tanky Culverin)
Toradar(Regular Division)-Skirmisher with long range and high HP but slow attack speed.

Ghorchara(Irregular Division)- Heavy Cavalry available only from the Homecity
Jagirdari Fauj(irregular Division)- Infantry that appears when buildings are destroyed (activated from Card)
Fauj-I-Kilajat(Irregular Division)- Infantry that has more HP and Damage when close to allied defensive Structures and Communes, Can be trained from Communes

Upgrade Systems for units.
Nihang Division units are all Upgraded with 1 upgrade but Expensive
Regular Division units have Individual Upgrades like European units
French Division units upgrade like Europeans but Upgrades also cost Export
Irregular Division units Shadow tech

Unique Buildings
Royal Market- Unique Market that allows you Increase the speed, hitpoints or attack of all your units except your Warships for a duration At a Cool Down and Coin cost.

Barrack and Stable Cantonment-You can switch what your barracks and Stables can train between Regular and French Units.
The Flag on the Barrack will become the French Tri-color if chosen to train French Division and the Sikh Khalsa flag if chosen to train the Regular Division. Switching to French Division cost 100 Export Switching back will refund 50 Export.

Qila-Unique Sikh Castle. That can train Artillery and the Nihang Army(Fortress age)

Commune (Unique Town Center) have an aura that increases the movement speed of settlers at a certain radius around it…

Devote Temple(Unique Temple)- Can Generate Influence,Coin, Export or Experience in addition to being able to train Mercenaries and outlaws.

Wonders-There are 2 ways that the Sikh Empire can age up. first is the Integration of Misl in the Punjab Region and second is building Wonders that have historical Significance to Northern Indian Sikhs,
Based on what i researched so far. The Misl Regions lack information on them so it is hard to think up a bonus for each one.

-If they function like a Normal Asian Civilization

Gobindgarh Fort- A fort that can Garrison any land unit. While units are garrisoned inside the fort they are healed over time, Counts as a Qila (But cannot train units)

Gurudwara Sri Harmandir Sahib- A Holy site that Incease the attack rate of units and can train Gurus(healers) at a reduced cost

Ram Bagh Palace- A wonder that Increases the HP of Settlers by 30% and also increases all natural Resource gathering rates by 10% and all natural resources last 15% longer as long as it is present.

Lahore Fort- While this building is present. All Qilas and Town Centers have an Aura that boost attack and hitpoints of all nearby military units by 10% (Does not stack) Also makes military upgrades cheaper (including Spies) Counts as a Qila

Shalamar Gardens- While this building is present all Qilas and Town Centers will generate a small trickle of coin and houses will generate a smaller trickle of wood. All Economic Upgrades become 10% Cheaper.

Unique card concepts-
Embrace of Foreign Arms-All French Division units and consulate units have Increased attack and Hitpoints(+15%)

Traditional War Culture-All Nihang Units have increased Hitpoints and Attack(+15%)

Appropriate Treatise- Adds an option to pay with Export for Aging up. Slower
Colonial to Fortress- 1400 Export
Fortress to Industrial- 2200 Export
Industrial to Imperial- 3600 Export

Cost 500 coin

Vengeful Purchase-Receive a Field Gun for every Town Center and Qila Destroyed by enemies so far(Maximum of 6) Cost 1000 Export(Deleted buildings do not count)

Nalwa supervision-Qilas,Barracks,Stables and Communes are built faster (40%) and Yield more Experience (30%)

Nihang Combat Instructors- Ships 7 Pata warriors and increase their attack by 3%. Infinite card (Fortress Age)

Discipline of the Gurus- Increase the Hitpoints of your Rajah and Gurus by 20% and alllow the Clarion call ability from the Rajah.

Deg Tegh Fateh-Increase the Attack,Hitpoints,Speed of Native Warriors by 10% Can be sent twice

Sufi Warfare Instructors-Ships 5 Sufi Elephant Riders and increase the attack and hitpoints of Elephant units by 10% can be sent twice Cost 500 wood

Nihang Land Rewards- Decreases the cost of Nihang Army units by 5% and train 30% faster but all increases all Unit Export costs by 5%

Misl Defensive Measures- Your Town Center’s attack now deal x2 attack vs Infantry and its attack now slows down cavalry

Forward French Dignitaries- Decreases the Export cost of Upgrades and unit cost by 5% and all French Division units. They also 20% Train Faster.

Open Fortifications- Your Artillery(Except Elephants) can now garrison inside Qilas to increase its attack. 5% for each Artillery(Maximum of 25%)

Exile and Convinct Haven(Also available to Maratha Confederacy)- Allows you to train Jat Lancers, Arsonists,Thuggees,Chellas at the Temple. And Outlaws cost Less pop.

Organized ########### the Hitpoints of all Units by 10%(Industrial Age Card)

Baghmar-Ships a Hero. Hari Singh Nalwa. Your units when near him units gain +10% attack and Enemies around him lose -10%. Ability: Zealous Warcry- Increases the melee attack and movement speed of nearby units by 15%. Gains more Hitpoints the more Nihang units are near him.

French Aventuriers-Ships 5 Fusiliers and increases the attack of Gunpowder Infantry by 10% cost 600Export

Agri -Ships gather from fish 20% faster and Fish last 20% longer

Bhakti Warrior Castes-Ships 10 Tiger Claws and receive 3 Tiger Claws for all of your next shipments. (A maximum of 20 tiger claws can be at play at a time from your shipments)

Righteous Cause- Once this card is sent you may now pick One Native to ally with. Once you have you sent this card you will gain access to their Units and Upgrades. Udasi, Bhakti and Sufi from the native embassy.

Values of Charity-Upon being sent all Native Upgrades cost 40% less. Also Heals your Communes to full HP once sent

Provisional Trade-Once sent all Export is converted into a greater amount of Coin.

Exotic Payments-Changes the coin cost of Mercenaries/Native warriors from your Homecity into Export. Can only be sent twice. Send again to switch back to Coin

Call to war-Ships 6 Tiger claws and 6 Udasi Chakram Throwers. Infinite card. Cost 1100 coin

Upgrades to Legendary if not already

Nirvanna- Ships a specific amount of Export based on how many wonders you have and how long they have been kept “alive”. Can only be sent once. Cost 2 Shipments

Welcoming Community-Town Centers now generate a small amount of Export

Team cards
Team Place of Enlightenment
Ships 1 Devote Temple Rickshaw and all upgrades now reward +5% more XP (Fortress Age)

Team Fortification Gunner Training -Increase the attack of Fortifications by 20% / Team mates get a bonus of 10% for outpost/castle/watchtower. (Fortress Age)

Team Equestrian Handlers- Increase Hp of Cavalry by 15%./ 5% Team effect (Fortress Age)

Team Mahout Lancer Support-Ships 2 Mahout Lancer and upgrades them to Honored if not already. (Industrial Age)
Cost 900 Food

Bhakti from the Righteous Cause card only allows you the Training of Tiger Claws and not elephants nor will it stack with the build limit of Bhakti Settlement on the map.


Wow that is a lot of work. I don’t know about balance but would be very fun to play I suppose.

Just wanted to say that the Urumi swordsman is a South Indian unit, and the Marathas should have easier access to them, not Mughals or Sikhs.


As far as I know, the Urumi were never a major force in any significant Indian war. it was more of a martial arts demonstrative showcase. urumi warriors were never actually a significant unit of any victorious fighting force because the Urumi was as deadly to the wielder and their allies as to the foe, making it impractical in the battlefield. A weapon that can wound your fellow soldiers as easily as it can wound your enemies as you flail it around did not have a place in the battlefield.

I agree with your stance on Urumis. Though i dont know what could replace them as Badass Indian Melee Infantry units with Area attack. Im not really basing it in historical accuracy but if you don’t want to see them its fine. Mughals can keep them.

Oh yeah, I don’t mean to say they should be removed from the game. It’s just that I wanted to present my viewpoint that the Indians in AOE3 are a hot mess of units and age up landmarks and an utterly stupid flag that don’t belong together. It’s too late to re-do them properly, so might as well go along with the mish-mash they are now. Unless people want a new Indian civ, in which case it would be wise to re-do them properly.

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I can imagine. It took the AOE2 devs years to put the Indian Dravidians and Gujaras into different civs.

Imagine the horror of AOE devs. Who not only have to work on Maps but also Cards, Revolts, Economy.
For a big DLC like this.

But I can still hope and wait.
Mughals, Sikh Empire and Maratha will be good for the yes. And if they get their historical research together the India we have right now wont be such a mess. I think Cosmetic changes would be good for the India we have right now so when these 2 new civs do come out it would be easy to diversify and distinct them from others.

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I don’t have the time to read everything here right now so I’ll just ask this: isn’t Kasbah a Berber thing?

Must have been an Eastern word spread out.

So I aint very sure. But there are different classes of Fortresses and defenses of Persian influenced defenses in India.

It has a definition of “small town for influential people” for India. But does not mean fortification so it must have been a misunderstanding for me. But i would be cool if you could suggest a word i could change it to if you have knowledge on Eastern/South Asian fortification words i could use to replace it.

FIRST ! Hats off to the effort and research DAMN !!!
IDK this should be possible and needed in the game, maybe the existing India can take more cues from this, and reformed.

Kalariyapattu (the martial art) was widely spread in south India and in a typical fashion once britishers found it dangerous, the Kalaris(schools) / and practice of the art was banned. for almost 100yrs the martial art been almost wiped out from earth.

Otherwise it was widely used to recruit mercenaries and warriors in the south , as well as against the early british rule.

kasbah literally means “village” and in past these kasbah are locarted around the heavily defensive forts or inside the forts.

I am totally onboard for this idea.

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Not really. Actually I don’t know why it’s even a unique tech for AoE2 Berbers. It’s a generic Arabic word for village/small town.

Excellent post. Not having the Marathas and Sikhs is absolutely criminal. Especially considering we have civs like Malta. Thanks once again for this post!


I don’t like the rebellions into Hyderabad, Mysore, or Mughals. These regions were conquests of the Marathas, not breakaway regions. Mysore should be its own civ anyways.

Sikhs could age up by choosing the next guru to lead them rather than wonders or integrating smaller kingdoms. That’s more of a succession/progression which is better suited for aging up.

The First Guru was such a chad that i thought no other Guru could live up to him. But if you have historical knowledge it would be cool if you want to share.

Would love to play Ahom-Burmese War. Need the two civs.

I don’t know who/what is Ahom but Burmese wouldn’t be a split from India since they’re separate

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Maybe they can put them as revolutions of the Indians… the Maratha in the second age (with Maratha units and naval and economic improvements) and the Sikhs in the third age (with Sikh units and military improvements)… And already in the fourth age you would have the sepoy revolution but well done with a sepoy deck…

Yes, maybe they put the Burmese and the Siamese and cards referring to the Anglo-Burmese wars and of course, Ahom-Burmese…

The Ahom kingdom (/ˈɑːhɔːm/, 1228–1826)[1] was a late medieval[5] kingdom in the Brahmaputra Valley in Assam. It maintained its sovereignty for nearly 600 years having successfully resisted Mughal expansion in Northeast India. Established by Sukaphaa, a Tai prince from ##### ############################################ (present-day Yunnan Province, China), it began as a ################################wiki/Mueang) in the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra based on wet rice agriculture. It expanded suddenly under Suhungmung in the 16th century[6] and became multi-ethnic in character, casting a profound effect on the political and social life of the entire Brahmaputra valley. The kingdom became weaker with the rise of the Moamoria rebellion, and subsequently fell to repeated Burmese invasions of Assam. With the defeat of the Burmese after the First Anglo-Burmese War and the Treaty of Yandabo in 1826, control of the kingdom passed into East India Company hands.



Some day hope we can play this same way AOE2 had Indian spli


Improbable…the devs says that they not will divide Indians and Germans…only thematic cards…