The state of the Hun-ion

With the new balance patch I would have loved to see some buffs/changes to the Huns, as I feel the powercreep went past them, apart from Mongols, Chinese, Maya and Aztec I think every civ got better over time, but Huns are pretty much just like they were in AoC, or even worse, as I think they had a higher discount on CA back then.
Granted they were a top tier civ back then, but are they still though?
They have only few bonusses and the CA and Trebs aren’t even FU and their UTs are both very situational and most of the time not worth researching.
Apart from their no-houses which is a good bonus, they feel very generic and they have a very spotty tech-tree.

My proposed changes:
Tarkans -10Food
Tarkans recieve a gold generation similar to Keshiks, but when attacking buildings.
Atheism: Hun units cannot be converted and/or melee units deal +5 bonus damage vs. Monks

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You should’ve called this post “The State of the Hun-ion.”

I don’t have any thoughts on your post. That’s all I came here to say.


Huns are not the best but I think they are still second to the best tiers tbh, so prob no?