The stone wall and gate of Rus is inaccurate and ugly, revise it PLZ

Do devs really know how should the gate look like?

It should be like this

But what we got is this bald ugly block.


As to the wall ,it barely make no difference to walls of China.

Especially the color and the battlement.

Even cossacks has done a better job.

Why don’t devs just revise it according to Kremlin?Change the color and remake the battlements. This in my opinion can not only make it more historically accurate and readability.
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I do like those other gates a lot. Lets hope they upgrade in ages?

I also like the style of the towers they are one of the few buildings scale that makes sense. I feel like a few archers really could fire from inside there.

Too bad it will look like machine gun fire.

There is a problem when they reuse all the same wall segments too.

The colors are not matching for this lighting the gate house is dull grey, yet the walls look like they are from another castle… all the battlements change for most of the different walls types between the towers and walls. Like Delhi Sultunate this is really noticeable that the towers and walls do not link up aesthetically which is a big selling point on the game. Making the walls look like the great wall of India would have been soooo cool.

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great wall of India


+1 Brickwall and whitewashing would be great to seperate it from the others visually. Not sure if that would be accurate for the region.
I guess they decided against extensive wooden covers on battlements so we can see the units on top. The wall-towers are styled in that way though, which is nice.

I have no words for that flimsy looking gatehouse. That thing makes no sense in more than one way…

A wooden roof is clearly not enough :+1:Деревянной крыши явно не хватает :+1:

we also get this other gate

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That’s their landmark market building that has better exchange rates.

Tbh, it looks like they just copy pasted the English walls


Abbasid and Delhi seem to have the same walls too
seems like they just made some for european, middle eastern and chinese from the looks of it
hopefully that won’t be the case for too many of the buildings, I think the walls/towers especially would give a good opportunity to show different architectural styles without sacrificing readibility


The walls are the same for everyone, and the roofs of the towers and gates are different for everyone. For Rus, they just didn’t have time to draw it.

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I don’ think that’s the case if you look at the trailers and screenshots.

There seems to be a European wall and an Eastern Wall type. And yeah the towers and gates differ by civ.

I’m guessing they want all the walls white for consistency and readability of units on the walls.

yeah, they’re fine to me honestly. What makes walls interesting are the towers and gatehouses anyway.

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Indeed, the walls in Western Europe are different, the Rus have walls like those of Eastern countries.

But that the Chinese, that the Delhi Sultanate has a roof over the gate in their national style.

The conclusion suggests itself:
1 This is how it is intended.
2 Did not have time to do

To my regret, most likely option 1 :frowning:
According to the preserved fortresses of Rus, it can be understood that there were wooden roofs over the main gate.

Let’s wait, I hope something will be in this style.

I apologize for my English and Photoshop :slight_smile:


What i’m worried about is that they are creating generic civ’s just like in AOE II where the buildings and wall of Teutons, British, Vikings etc. Are all the same, where China, Japan, Korea are all the same etc.




But atleast in AOE II, the walls differed quite a lot where the asian civs had unique asian walls. I think over here they just made a couple of adjustments. But I think that’s why British and Rus are very similar. And I think if they will launch any European civ in the future, their walls will practically be generic copies of British or Rus. Same with Asian civ’s. Abbasid is the generic Arab one and Dehli is generic Indian

Like take China for an example. which attempts to show the ages Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming. However the city looks like none of the great cities in any of those Ages.

Grey walls with black roof and golden tip. With hints of red everywhere…

More red and white, with grey walls

This is a restored map of the Yuan Dynasty

The outer city walls are red with gold roof, while inner city walls are white with gold roof. Buildings look white with gold roofs.

And now the Ming Dynasty

Lots and lots of Red with Bright Gold roofs.

And this is the AOE IV rendition of Chinese Civ

(Sources taken from AOE website or Google Images)
As you can see, it’s basically a generic Asian civ with a couple of chinese characteristics. The walls look nothing like any of the Chinese civ walls, they’ve just taken generic everything and I fear there will be minimal differences between the civ looks once more civs are launched. Hence why because Rus falls under Eastern Europe, they get the generic look with the British with minor Easterny edits.

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It’s not the defensive wall. You should check the Great Wall.

The Great Wall was one rendition of a defensive wall. These are all defensive walls as well. These walls were to protect cities which is relevant to the game. The Great wall of China was to protect the entire region from the Mongols. Which would make sense in a campaign format.

But even if we do use the Great Wall, it looks significantly different to the game version. Material wise and look wise.


They’re not, huh?

How do you intend on getting through them then?

China’s walls are also very inconsistent with history