The stone wall and gate of Rus is inaccurate and ugly, revise it PLZ

It is sad to see that they have decided to skimp out on walls in AoE4. As far as asset design goes, it is one of the cheapest assets you can make, as they are modular in nature and require only three different pieces.

Due to their massive size in AoE4, it makes only sense that they introduce more walls. Malians somehow got their own set while everyone else is rocking a vaguely continent based look.

Walls express so much about a civilization. If you can design multiple versions of almost every building for different ages, one modular set of walls is a drop in the bucket in comparison. Walls in AoE4 are already gigantic and generally take far more screen space than most assets, so this should be a no-brainer.

Get to it @Relic


Yep, the gates and walls, etc all are the same boring assets.

That Rus Monk Standing posture looks horrible and when they initiate an attack stance, it seems worse…
Even hitting animation does not illustrate any force that would do any damage xD

I really think it should be a gate with a higher HP and boosts wall HP or armor.

And it is not just the Walls and Gates, but also Keeps too.
Keeps are all the same, with little to no differences.

In AOE2 and 3 (Asian civs) have much better Forts and Castles that are 100% different and beautiful.

Do you mean, If the wall is not white, players cannot distinguish it???
That is just so stupid to have it like that.
And it is completely boring.
I mean who the hell in the world cannot understand or distinguish a “WALL” ???

And we must understand that AOEIV got only 8 civs at release, they had enough time to put a lot of effort at making the civs look different and unique. Yet we have generic assets for almost all things in the game…

They didn’t deliver what they promised and announced to us…