The suspense is killing me

TWO YEARS I’ve been waiting to find out what’s the subject of AOE:4 and now we are… hours? … away from the gameplay reveal.

Cannot wait to see what they’re going to do here.

I hope it’s not modern but we shall see what they do.


Not sure what I’m hoping for, tbh… I think as long as we get classic AoE gameplay, the timespan will be less important.

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For me personally I want preferably Ancient time but Medieval time is also good for me, but not modern because it’s not what Age of Empires is about. It’s about sword, shield, arrows, walls, siege etc!

But I’m afraid I will get disappointed…

Im also not wanting modern but I feel like no matter the age they pick theres going to be someone whos unhappy.

There was a thread already where a few people were firm in we need modern where everyone else said keep it historical and similar on reddit. One way or another someones going to rage on the timeline lol

There are plenty of other games that has WW2 or other modern warfare setup we don’t need Age of Empires to turn in to that as well.

Age of Empires is best known for Ancient/Medieval time which is were it shrines the most and they should keep it at that in my opinion.


It’s 8:00pm in the U.K. … the announcements gotta come soon.

its medieval! a lot of peoples wants to…like garrison wall etc

Well that was… Short. Not sure what to think.

Well when you sort it out, please let us know.

Maybe once we see gameplay instead of just a cutscene in engine… Sorry, guess I was expecting more than 70 seconds two years after the announcement.


All in due time. It’s customary to slowly roll out the details to maximize hype.

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Announcing the game and then not talking about it for two years already generated a bit of hype, I think. Maybe there just isn’t much to show.

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For sure. They probably follow ElRic’s trail. :wink: