The tech tree preview is already awesome but can still become much better

The new tech tech tree preview is already awesome. With now already triple the amount of AoK starting civs, even pro players can’t remember every key bonus about their own picked civs anymore, like Viper in RBW5, when he played Bohemians in his decider game vs Hera and forgot their main eco bonus (fervor for vills)…

However, the tech tree preview can still become much better imo:

  1. Most importantly, the upgrades missing must be clearly visible. This is crucial to avoid the “I think I forgot something” meme and is btw also the case in the “Improved tech UI” mod this tech tree preview is inspired by.

  2. The regional units (eagles, steppe lancers and elephants) should get scrapped in the preview of the 35/36 civs that don’t get them, in the same way imperial upgrades are missing. The “Improved tech UI” mod doesn’t include them either.

  3. Small fix, the BBC icon is wrong for BBC civs, showing the Houfnice.


I agree. I was playing a game and I couldn’t check if i had the Siege Engineers upgrade, since it wasn’t showing on the preview. I think that the tech tree preview should be specialized and not include the things civs are missing, but showing everything they do have and the progress of upgrades and techs.


Siege engineers is a good example.

(It is in the preview in the siege workshop row - instead of the university row -, which is I think a good idea).

One plays Malians, sees one has Siege onager, so obviously one has siege engineers, right? (every SO civ but one has SE), goes for SO and… loses to Briton onagers. What happened? Well Malians are the only SE-less SO civ…

I think that they really also need to make the UI for a researched tech more vibrant and obvious. It’s quite dull and faded right now, which makes it a lot harder to tell at a glance which techs have been researched.


They also need to list team bonuses granted by allies there.

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This is a must for team games.