The technology tree are so bad, please fix

I am surprised that no one discusses how terrible the tech tree is now.

  • Duplicate information everywhere, from the civ bonus to the buildings.
  • Yet crucial information such as unit’s stat is not viewable when hovering over them? Or am I blind really?
  • The tech tree is so spread out that required lots of scrolling, what is wrong with AOE2 tech tree anyway? I can view much more information there than this.
  • You have to click on a surprisingly small button to open or collapse each section, clicking on the text does nothing.
  • hover over the text also shows a popup with the exact text content. You have to hover over the unit icon instead.
  • Inconsistent information like some unique technology is mention as civ bonus, but some aren’t. So I generally have to go hunt for them. They have a small icon indicator but are still very hard to see.

I want a more compact technology tree, please.


Would definately like more information added to the tech tree such as unit upgrade costs, unit/building stats (hp, armor, attack damage, attack speed, production speed etc), upgrade research time, etc. Needs a lot more info/details.

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I am very excited for the patches. I can’t wait to play the game then.

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I am guessing that one of the reasons why the unit data is not included is because this is an early game that requires many updates and changes. Maybe the actual data of the unit will be available after the game version becomes more stable.

They released the game too early. Should’ve waited more time. That way they would prevent most of the critics. But it’s too late now. Now they’re surely streesed out to keep up with the road map :confused:

What annoys me most are some missing civ bonuses like english getting hardened spearmen upgrade for free. Or the french unique siege units (no set up time). Or HRE villager more carry capacity. This is huge but not even mentioned in the civ overview.