The theme for the defense AOE 4


Gentlemen and ladies.
I had to start this topic.

It’s simple. Nobody who writes here has even played the game yet. Neither have I.
We only got short snippets from the game. What was the quality? Photo?

I also don’t like the color graphics from what I’ve seen. They look like coloring books. I won’t even talk about arrows. It’s a comedy. And the animation of the units is also bad from the videos.

We need Beta then it will be evaluated better !!!
I hope that there will be a Beta for 1-2 weeks so that it can be evaluated and after the COMMUNITY decides it needs to be repaired and repaired.

I hope the developers read and browse all possible forums.
And they will do a great consultation on what to fix and improve.

The community solves as much as possible.

  1. Graphics: The community agrees that the graphics of the landscape and buildings are OK.
    But the graphics of the units must be more detailed. Distinctive and smaller weapons.
  2. The arrows are perhaps even worse. They are big and fast. Small suggests what if they flew straight from the bow and not in front of it. They were smaller. machine gun mainly from the castle.
  3. Sizes of Buildings and Units need to be worked on.
    So that the villager is not bigger than the door of the church.
    So that the elephant is not as big as a tower.
    And more.

That’s what it should look like and it’s from 2019.

The size of the soldiers is ok. The size of the buildings is OK. The size of the weapons is Ok

Another image straight from the game of a developer playing.
That the game looks different than it was launched.

And last but not least, we don’t know what view I will have of the game.
Camera. what approach, rotation, tilt. And more.

We are still missing the context.

So sensible to keep a reasonable view and not so much to point it out.

Thanks to all the developers and the whole community.
And especially to the developers that they make such a great game for us.
And where are the bugs that will now be addressed until the game is released.

So there is a need for our dear developers to work properly.