The time has come to nerf the sick Aztecs Monks

I think those sick units for a civ like Aztecs need a nerf for sure, people were crying from Arambai especially in Arena and never mentioned how this civ is sick and weird with their sick monks, they just simply don’t die and convert like instantly, and with the sick Eagles or some piked around nothing kill this sick rush especially in Arena especially with their stupid +33% more gold from relics.

Aztecs monks need a nerf for sure, they are not balanced at all and need a nerf ASAP, and here is my suggestion to nerf those sick monks:

The most deadly bonus for those Monks is their high hp and the +33% for their relics so they need:

1-Instead of +5 hp for each tech, they get +3 hp.

2-Team bonus for Relic reduce from 33% to 25%.

In general any monk rush in Arena is deadly and Arena very famous with those rushes, don’t get me wrong, i am Arabia player but this does not mean Aztecs monks don’t need a nerf and doesn’t mean i don’t play Arena sometimes, people were complaining about how was Arambai sick in Arena and everyone knows how Burmese are useless in Arabia and they nerfed them, but Azrecs which is S/A tier civ at any map and they didn’t touch their sick Monks until now, so for sure those tanky monks need a nerf.

Aztecs don’t have much else going for them. Garland wars is cool UT for lategame trash wars, and Atatl UT is also cool for defending against archers/lategame trash wars, but until that point in the game, these monks are pretty much the best offensive power you have. The UU is only really strong if the enemy goes pure infantry. Other mezo civs have much more viable UU’s, so the Aztecs have the Monks to compensate.


You are wrong with everything you said.

Care to elaborate?
20 chars…

Siege onagers with Siege engineers. They have an extremely effective pike siege push and siege monk composition, two very deadly arena strategies.

I mean, we can all agree that monks are actually busted and the limit is how well a player can actually micro them, which has a theoretical ceiling at the “very good area”

That being said, I don’t believe that the Aztec Monks are that overwhelming, if your opponent is going for mass monks, go for mass LC. They hemmorhage gold, you lose food, it’s a winning trade.

The dislike of LC on arena outside of the Turks (because they get it for free) is mind-boggling for me. Monks are always great on arena so the LC upgrade is usually extremely effective.


OMG what a solution! Wow! Is it hard for him to put 5 pikes with his tanky monks?! With their hight hp they don’t die ez, they take a longer time, and if you mass LC your eco will be weak because of course you need a tons of food, unlike their stupid eagles with their 20 food.

You were from those who said no to nerf the Arambai, so what you can say after they got a nerf?! People always afraid of change. Why people where crying from double castle Arambai?!

Making an assumption about how I’ve argued on different topics blindly is a really bad way to have a meaningful discussion. For the record, I had no opinion whatsoever on the subject.

Sarcasm is also, not a good way to conduct a meaningful conversation.

Seriously, clean this up, nobody is going to want to have a discussion with someone who isn’t going to take them seriously for obvious reasons.

When I say mass LC, I mean mass LC. If your opponent is going Monks, you need not get the upgrades besides Husbandry. You can put down 15~25 LC (depending on the monk count) and slaughter them. If he blends in pikes to handle LC, he gives you an option to go Crossbow. Crossbow+LC utterly slaughters monk + pike, even from the Aztecs. With the LC not needing armor they aren’t a danger to the archers and the archers are an unworthy conversion target for the Monks. You’ll still clean up extremely cost-efficiently against a much more expensive composition of Monk + Pike. If he blends in siege, even more benefit to your LC which is going to now counter a double-gold composition with no gold cost.

If you aren’t making LC against monk masses on Arena and you aren’t just planning to turtle with a castle on the front and heading to Imperial, you have no right to complain.


Yeah anyone can do 15-25 LC especially in first 5 mins in castle age

Yeah everyone else can do 10-20 monks in the first 5 minutes of Castle age.

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Yes you can, especially with aztecs, and they can be in castle age in less than 14 min

Or go fast imp, block printing , 4 spearman, trebuchet and kill everything

Yeah but you can do that with any monk civ. That push is disgustingly hard to stop and the only reason the top players often don’t do it is because they just don’t practice it. Hera’s done it once. Is that motivation, really, to nerf just the aztecs? I think we could make the case for tweaking monks in general but just the aztecs seems unnecessary.

maybe I’m underestimating it but I really don’t think this is the exceptional case for monk pushes.

Where are the Pros’ input that aztecs need more nerfs?

On the X-Patch Mod from the Voobly Balance Team they took a major look on the civs, their appearence in major tourneys and their winrate and concluded buffs and nerfs based on that.

Aztecs recieved a nerf back then by reducing monk HP per tech to 3 and (as it already is) Villager Carrying capacity to 3 (from 5).

Keep in mind that this was the case for AoC Aztecs (who got free Loom instead of +50g). +50 gold is arguably better because it allows you to 3 militia + loom + maa upgrade without mining gold.

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Good! Then get +3 hp back!

No it’s not. 50 gold is loom. You can already do 3 militia + loom + maa upgrade without mining gold because the loom is free It’s actually a big nerf to be down a villager for loom that you’d otherwise get for free.

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yeah mb, i got my math wrong somewhere in my head calculating with 200 gold but you only start with 100g - but its better on maps like Arena where you can safely delay loom

It can be argued that a lower Input time (less lag with <100 ms ping) monks can generally be better (like archer) under these conditions. As any micro heavy unit generally benefits from lower ping

Its fine because according to you half the civs are overpowered and need a nerf while the other half need 4 more bonuses so just use one of the other OP civs you’ve complained about.

Wasnt it Eagles yesterday that were OP


Yeah… no

If you let the Aztec player make so many monks and have so many monastery upgrades which costs loads of gold then you deserve to lose that game because you simply didn’t see what your opponent is doing which is a no no on a map like Arena.

If you actually anticipate the Aztec player doing that, you can opt for making a lot of light cav and research heresy - at which point his monk investment goes to waste.

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