The Type of Game Age of Empires Is

Hello! I’m looking for a real time strategy game that players can play for months or years building their city or civilization, surviving/thriving and maybe fighting wars.

What kind of game is Age of Empires? Is it like Starcraft where the game starts and ends in about 30 minutes? These types of games are not bad. I like these games but it is not what I’m looking for currently. Or is Age of Empires a game that lasts forever and you build your civilization through the ages (or has a mode like this)?

Thank you for your guidance everyone! ^^

you can technically have a relatively fast game, 40 mins or so, but its fairly common to play for hours in modes like free for all, the pace is much slower than starcraft, and you have twice as many resources to keep track of

So you’re saying that this game is about playing from start to finish in one time right? You don’t play a few minutes a day building your civilization for 2 years, like in SimCity right?

correct, now it could probably be modded in, may have already been, but haven’t been looking for that

Thank you for your guidance. I will look for mods. Age of Empires looks like a great game by the way! It’s just not what I’m looking for at this time. ^^

btw i’ve seen 5 hour free for alls few times last 5 or so years

5 hour free for alls is a way that makes this game unique in my opinion, different from Starcraft. It would be nice to get into Age of Empires.

Edit: Ah yes. My friend might have referred to Age of Empires Online. I think his friend played AoEO a long time ago. ^^

I don’t like MMO strategy games anymore. I lose sleep!

Age of Empires being a game that lasts 40min or a few hours is great!

Have you looked into Anno 1800 by any chance? It plays in Real Time like Age of Empires but is much more about building an empire over multiple sessions. Its mainly focused on supply chains and production of goods. I’m not sure if its what you are looking for but its certainly a game where you are building up a single city over many sessions and has a historical inspired setting.

Obviously I think Age of Empires is lots of fun but it sounds like want something else.

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Thank you Druidsbrook. Anno 1800 might be what I’m looking for. I’ll research it to decide.

But I’m changing my preference from multiple sessions to single sessions. Still, if games of Anno 1800 do not last forever or a very long time, I can most-likely play it. ^^ Thank you very much for your suggestion.