The units in AOE4 have too much player color and less of unit specific color/design

I posted this on reddit
and many of them agree with my opinion. So posting here too for the developers to find it.

"“From the top view it becomes difficult to distinguish one unit from another of same player. I like the AOE2 style where units have less of player color and more of unit specific color/design. For example it is very easy to differentiate all militia line in AOE2 but difficult in AOE4.”"


Yeah agree, it is really hard to distinguish between infantry when they are all blue. The dev should learn from AOE2 design more.


I couldn’t put my finger on it before, but I think you’re right. This is a key reason units seem to merge together. Just needs a little less player color so it’s more of a highlight.


Totally agree. They just look a bit weird in comparison to AOE2 units, color wise.


100% agree, a little bit of texture will help also, don’t understand why units are using just 1 color


Agree as well, units not only are now hard to differentiate, but they also look ugly from close and far away as well. I just see color blue in front of me.


yes i agree also 1000 times

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Totally agree, needs a bit of texture.

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I think that’s also part of the reason why people think the game graphics are “cartoony”, having too much bright colors with high saturation will give you that feel. Many historical documentary or shows will intentionally use low saturation colors that are dark and grey-ish to create a “historic vibe”.