The upgrade of Mongolian knights is not obvious

As shown in the figure, knights in all countries have two weapon appearances, corresponding to the different appearances of Age3 and Age4.
Chinese knights have two different styles of Guan Dao, while European Knights have wooden lance and metal lance.



However, Mongolian Knights always use Chinese halberd without any change.
Then my suggestions are as follows:
As shown in the figure, the early Mongolian knights in the historical story mode used Chinese Lance.

This weapon(referring to Chinese lance)should continue to be used in normal mode by the early Mongolian Knights of age2 (although it has been cancelled) and the Mongolian Knights of Age3, while the 4-year-old Mongolian Knights continue to use the current Chinese halberd (no problem).

The production team can even directly replace the appearance of the Mongolian Knight of Age3 with the appearance of the cancelled early Mongolian knight.
Which can further increase the difference between unit upgrade.After all, the current version of Mongolian knights is too similar to see the change of upgrade.


One thing to note is that the Chinese lance used by Mongolian knights in the early campaign is very similar to the weapons of Chinese spearmen, but the appearance of the spearhead and the color of the pole are different (more yellow). If the production team adopts my opinion, please pay attention to identification during modification.

In addition,both Rus and France have early knights. The weapons of French knights have three shapes (wood lance in era 2, half metal and half wood lance in era 3 and metal lance in era 4), while the Knights of Rus are all wood lance in era 2 / 3. They did not become metal lance until era 4. It is hoped that the production team can unify the weapon shape upgrade rules of Rus and French knights.

rus (1)
rus (2)
rus (3)

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I feel that some models are not enabled or abandoned, which is a waste. They are really good modeling!

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Yep, the horse helmet colour changes from silver to gold xD

This game needs a graphical and modeling tuning because currently we just have graphic options of “High” or “Very High”, but no “Maximum”.

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