The useless work rate on Forage Bushes

Hey guys how are you hope you are well. Today i am gonna talk about “Bushes”, actually, the work rate on Bushes is completely stupid and sick and too slow!!! Its feel like you don’t get any food from them because the work rate on bushes is really useless and too slow, in the dark/feudal ages, the bushes should be a good catalyst until we have a good amount of wood before starting building farms but not to this extent of slow work!!!
I just suggest to increase the work rate on bushes to be more effective in gathering food.

*Note: If anyone of you have a schdule about the work rate on all food types pls put it in the comments.

:man_shrugging: How come is berries completely useless?

Their work rate is too slow, they should make it better

It should be faster than dark age farming rate, which has not yet upgraded by mill tech.

They are fine. They are a cheap food source that does not cost you wood other than a mill. Franks gather from them faster, so the franks would have to be nerfed if the base gather rate was faster.


So essentially free food is useless? This is news to me


I don’t mean the food, i mean the work rate on bushes

No, forget the bonus, in general they should increase the work rate on bushes

Doesnr matter. Its free. Even if its slower youre getting like 1k free food. And you need a mill anyway

I know, but the work rate is really slow, you will not finish this 1000 food until the castle age with 4 vills!!! Any rush on the bushes then this 1000 food became nothing, if they work faster on them it will be more helpful

They usually throw excess villagers on it after sheep and hunt is done before doing farms.

Youre literally complaining about a non issue. Why should free food be faster then food you put an active investment into?


My guess: those must be cactuses, not berries. Why would there even be forage bushes on Arabia ?

No wonder it’s so slow, villagers probably need to peel them before eating, and be careful not to get pricked.


Yeah…i guess :handshake:🏻…

Can’t believe someone has made a post like this 11

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Oh I dont know. I wouldn’t mind the work rate being bumped up on it. I think the OP shot himself in the foot by calling them useless, but a slightly higher berry work rate would be a pretty simple way to speed up dark age a little.

Of course, the real issue I see is a knock on effect for Dark Age violence that’d be difficult to predict.

You have to expect anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah this what i was talking about, just make it faster a little, it will be helpful in early economy

LUL Berries are totally fine. Slowest food source but it doesnt rot and only slower by a bit :smiley:

actually not by a bit, by quite a lot. imo they should up forage rate by 5% across all civs. if I use mongols or teutons, after hunting and chop enough wood lot of times i just skip bushes go straight for farms cause farm gives much faster food.

the only reason I’d still bush because free food, putting only 1-2 vill on it and since I need mill for a farm anyway thats all they’re worth.

Its 0.01 slower than farmers 0.02 slower than sheep :smiley: What do you want ? It only to be 0.005 ???