The useless work rate on Forage Bushes

actually not by a bit, by quite a lot. imo they should up forage rate by 5% across all civs. if I use mongols or teutons, after hunting and chop enough wood lot of times i just skip bushes go straight for farms cause farm gives much faster food.

the only reason I’d still bush because free food, putting only 1-2 vill on it and since I need mill for a farm anyway thats all they’re worth.

Its 0.01 slower than farmers 0.02 slower than sheep :smiley: What do you want ? It only to be 0.005 ???



maybe if you dont use old data and actually look into the .dat file and then further testing it yourself and then compare, you would understand.

Maybe you just quote your sources :stuck_out_tongue:

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i dont quote sources, i test it in game and find out and do the work. you can do the work in this case and be your own source.

and honestly it isnt that much work. put 1 forger and 1 farmer and watch them gather to food carry capacity. higher the capacity more accurate imo.

Ok then lets do it for you.


These info not new, you can’t count on it

andyet he just backed up his claim.


From where can i get those info

From the game engine :smiley: The Advanced Genie editor :smiley:

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you probably don’t know this so I’ll share some details with you. you can consider work rate as a percentage of a base speed so to speak. so you can have 0.31 workrate of forager and 0.31 workrate of hunter and they could gather food at different speed, same as farmer.

farmer in this case has to do walking and has other variables involved. and this not only apply to work rate but also feitoria resource generation, and bunch of other stuff.

Thanks good to know. I can get more info about military units too right? Like ROF, frame delay…

I know but you claimed that these numbers are wrong but they arent :smiley: They are not the effective numbers but the numbers a villager gathers the ressources if they where AoE3 villagers.

I checked fandom wiki aoe2, they said foragers get 18/min, this is too slow

read above again. seems like you wish to skip whats inconvenient to your argument. sadly it doesn’t work that way. doing emoji also doesnt help proving you’re not wrong :slight_smile:

since @Equalizer938341 is talking about final result of food collection speed, and you’re arguing workrate numbers, you two are talking about different thing. so you using workrate does not mean he is incorrect and ive explained the reason for it.

up it by 5% across all civ and have more efficient foragers.

not much lower then farmers or shepherds and sheep lose food over time and farms cost wood.

I understood you very well. I just argued that you claimed the numbers in dat file are different of those I quoted first, which is untrue.

But would +5% make foragers then faster effectively than farmers ? @Equalizer938341

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From this file, can i get the military info too? Like frame delay, ROF…

i said the food collecting speed, not the work rate. you can quote above but i did not mention work rate until you brought it up. equaliser is the one mentioned work rate and people usually donno about this gets confused and mix them up. now since we are past that, back ontop 5%

5% is minuscule and since we dont know the base speed (though we can probably calculate and estimate it) its hella of a small buff.

Yes there is all of it :smiley: assets sounds everything the game is written in this engine

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