The Variant Civilizations of AOE3

We all know that,the next month, AOE4 will update four variant civs, and I am thinking that perhaps the variant civs plan also applies to AOE3. Anyway, if they are not willing to create more new civilizations, I think variant civs are completely acceptable. For example, the Britain variant civ can be the Victorian era Britain led by Queen Victoria, and the France variant civ can be the Bourbon dynasty France, as well as the Tsar Russia of Peter the Great, and the Ming dynasty China led by Zhu Yuanzhang in China.
Finally, maybe they can create a version of the Return of Roman for AOE3, let Byzantium to join AOE3 and making Rome appear in every Age of Empires. Why not?

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that is not really a variant is it?

most factions in AOE3 have influences from across the periode, including france which notably have a lot of cards and units relating more to the bourbons than napoleon. frances entire native vibe isnt napoleon related.

no thank you.


May be the variant civs should like Bosnia to Turkey or Norway to Sweden.

Keep that garbage out of AoE3DE, thank you.


Yes it is. Just check what kind of variants AoE4 got

Not far down the page is my thread on Variant civs - there’s probably no need for a duplicate!

Anyway, the main conclusion is that Variants have no place in AOE3 and the Home City system pretty much allows you to make ‘your own’ variant anyway. Then you also have the Revolutions which are a variant type, though after investment in your current civ.

Obviously it would be lovely later on to have shipments that could fundamentally change certain parts of your civ (I always bring in a Scottish Covenanter/Jacobite offshoot here!) but we’re nearly there with some of the HC cards, like Elector Princes for Germany.


That is what Revolutions are for, my guy.

Go back to aoe4 man. Stop trying to turn aoe3 into aoe4


Yeah, I think the best way to introduce variants, and at the same time split civs without really splitting them, would be by having several home cities and home city cards while not changing the tech tree.

We need new full civs for AOE 3 DE not variants. There are still Persians, Koreans, Siamese, Brazilians, Zulu, Omanis, Denmark, Poland, etc. Before variants even enter aoe 3 and if variants civs come only for skirmish or campaigns.


Why Zulu compared the others?

I’m not really versed in African civs but whatever the community wants for another African civ. Oh perhaps add Moroccans?

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