The Virgin vs Chad



u call map 2 ‘europe map’ but is not just europe

then is it fair for the map on the left to be called “western europe”? (because it truly isn’t) if you ask me

Wouldn’t Chad be a try hard map where you don’t play sim city? Or is that what all the cool kids are doing these days?

Hey, don’t cut yourself on that edge

Something tells me you’re the type of guy to set everyone as enemy at the start of the game without a reason other than being the "oh, i am a lone wolf alpha chad who can take on 1v7 :laughing:

edit: i forgot, also probably picks portugeese because feitora LOL

Because that’s totally the behavior of someone who asks “is that what the kids are soing these days?” Nailed it.

I’m the type of player who puts up a fence to keep the kids off his lawn, yells at them for kicking their ball over said fence, grumbles about it to the neighbor for half an hour, then goes inside to kick someone’s butt with a no pallisades scout rush, feeling really good seeing my elo go up to a massive 712 points. Heck yeah.

I also mostly pick camel civs. I know, surprising, with my avatar.