The Vlachs

The Vlachs were a very important group in the history of Estern Europe, they delayed the Ottoman advance into europe by centuries under the strong and competent rule of Stephen the Great, Vlad The Impaler ( Dracula), Mircea the Elder and Michael the Brave, I have created a coustume Vlach civ because I think that they shoud be a actuall civ in aoe bc of the many other civs that they fought ( many of which are already in the game) : tatars, cumans, bulgarians, slavs, turks, magyars, lithuanians and mongols. I also think that they should be in an dlc with some other est europena civs such as Poles, serbs and croats( the dlc should be named defenders of the faith)
The civ jingle is the first few seconds of this vid: Maria Tanase - Ciuleandra (versuri, lyrics, karaoke) - YouTube


Great work man! Im one of those that are ok with new civs as long as they fit properly in the game, I hope they keep adding stuff just to keep the game alive for longer

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