The War of the Ring (custom campaign)

I´m proud to present my first custom campain for AOE:DE, The War of the Ring

The campaign consists of nine scenarios set in J.R.R Tolkien´s Middle-earth. In these scenarios, we follow the life and career of Aefundil, a captain of Gondor, throughout the war of the ring. The aim of the campaign is to tell a compelling story within Tolkien´s epic from the viewpoint of a minor (fictional) character. The story of Aefundil will take you from the lush forests of Ithilien and the harsh deserts of Haradwaith to the beautiful coasts of Lebennin and the splendour of Minas Tirith.

The scenarios are of differing levels of difficulty. Some may focus on narrative and exploration and can be completed on a first try, whilst others will be extremely challanging and require trial and error to complete. None the less, if you feel that one particular scenario is too hard to beat, or simply laughably easy, feel free to tell me so - and i might take a second look.

I welcome all critique of this campaign, and will continue to do so in all future scenarios and campaigns - as long as it is constructive. So don´t hesitate to point something out that might need fixing or rebalancing. I would love to hear what you think regardless if it´s positive or negative.



Hi, where to download it ?

@Markanton321 said:
Hi, where to download it ?

This thread is a duplicate - had some issues posting the thread when I finished the campaign a few weeks ago, so will take this thread down soon.
But you can find the link in my signature or just search for it in the scenario section of the site!