The way to slow down Age of Empires 4

Turn down the power in your graphics card , turn down the core clock. This slows the game down slightly. I have to admit to the developers of this game that I am not as intelligent as as i9, 3070Ti, 32GB Ram. Well done for NOT giving the average solo player a chance to beat the AI in any game on Hard settings. No time to think, no time to try a new strategy, just me against an unbeatable PC. But hey all the computing power in the world can’t drive a car in the rain and dark… I CAN

What? I’m a casual player and I can beat an AI on the hardest. And an AI self driven car can drive in the dark while raining. It uses LIDAR to see, which still offers fantastic results in the rain and/or pitch black darkness.

For clarity, I run a i7 9700k, gtx1080ti, 32gb 3400mhz ram