The wild animals

Can we get rid of the wolves bears etc once and for all ? i dont think they add anything to the game, they’re just bothering and making stressing noise for nothing

I like predators… It would be great if they respawn near resources


Actually small things like these are one of the reasons why this game is good and funny to play; this game based in medieval ages and environment in that time which was more open and have more fierce animals in the wild, no one like a world with only black and white colors, and if you ask me actaully i suggest to add more fierce animals in the game and more numbers in each map.

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  • Loom and forwarded villagers
  • Magyars bonus
    Actually it would be an improvement to add more wild animals and make them attack herdable and huntable animals after some time that the game has been started
    It would help the game to have more strategies and you would have to scout properly not only the opponent but your surroundings

They’ve always been part of the game, and bring a small strategic aspect concerning forward vils so it’s ok. They’re not a big deal right now, and new maps don’t have a lot of predators either.

Just hope they can do something good about Magyars bonus one day

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Domesticate wolfs could be something attractive

Don’t know how useful it could be, but would be fun :joy: 100% win rate on wolf hill

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